Wife with S** Offenders

I have this dirty fantasy of sharing my wife with s** offenders, 3 or 4 of them while we f*** on our daughters bed. While she"s nit home obviously.

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  • This sounds more like one of my wife's fantasies. Are you sure you're not a woman?

  • No it is not even close just shut up PEDOS I hope they take turns raping your wife then you with a broomstick.

  • You do realize that s** offender ranges from
    being caught p****** to kiddie diddling.
    h*** alot are just on the list because a girl lied to them.
    h*** my friend had to beat 2 rape allegations because these c**** didn't want to say that they had s** with him willingly.
    alot of men are out on it from going through a divorce and the wife wanted full custody.
    there is actually far less people in 290s on the list fir child molestation than you think.
    the ones that get the most hate and pretty much became the face of the charge is the diddlers because they are the worst.
    h*** most are just one and done f*** ups

  • Because a girl lied to them. Then thats their fault idiot. You no touch if you can't prove age. Your friend was a moron too. How come that doesn't happen to the rest of us? If a wife seeking custody of her children uses the molestation card. Then child services is called in and shrinks talk with the children If they come up with nothing then it can't be proven numb nuts

  • True but I like the idea of them being some of the worst s** offenders.

  • WTF Google s ex offenders in NYC registry 1000s of them show up.

  • Fair one.

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