BLM sucks

I'm sick of people pretending that blacks are not responsible for their own actions. They shoot up children then want to claim it's the white man's fault. Bullshit! I never had anything to do with slavery. Neither did my ancestors. Quit trying to blame me for your problems.

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  • Black lives matter but not when they shoot each other and don’t support their children then they don’t give a f***. Always blaming the white man. I’m sick of these whinnying cry babies. I’m not against blacks I dated a black lady. It’s just a handful of these low lives that make the rest look bad.

  • Now now, don't ever try bringing intelligent observation and reason into a discussion about race.

  • Blm isnt supposed to mean blacks arent responsible for their own actions its to show that they need to be treated like the rest of us, now how about you go back to whatever s*** stained hole you crawled out of and stop bothering people

  • How about those of us who are already treating blacks like fellow human beings? You refuse to acknowledge people like this even exist. That is why you are getting blowback, because all you do is scream like literally every person who is not black is hardcore KKK.


  • How can you handcuff someone kill him then say they are responsible for their actions.But its fine cause if a white kills a black or a black kills a white THEY WILL ALL GO TO H***......ITS THAT SIMPLE.

  • Who did they handcuff and kill? Don't say George Floyd! He died from a fentanyl overdose. He still had a pulse when the cops got off him. If it was lack of air or blood flow to the brain he would have perked right back up in the ambulance when he was giving oxygen as he had a pulse for almost 4 minutes in that ambulance. One question why did he stay there after the clerks went to his car to get the money and smokes back? Why wouldn't a felon just drive away? It took over 5 minutes for the first cop car to show up and he was still there. Thats because he was way toFUCKEDUP to drive or even comprehend what was happening. Meth and fentanyl will do that in a heartbeat.

  • Maybe because he has morals? you should try some

  • Handcuffs??? There's the best you can do

  • The only time a black person's skin color isn't mentioned is when they make their entire race look bad:
    Who started this clusterfuck? A BLACK GIRL. If you "care" about what George Floyd's skin color was but not hers, **YOU** are the problem!!

  • You know thats the problem these days, skin color skin color, shut the f*** up about skin color, it doesnt matter, i think you are the problem c***, how about we treat people equally and stop judging people based on what the look like

  • Ah. Some black girl starts a riot and all of a sudden skin color doesn't matter. Okay then, George Floyd's skin color didn't matter either.

  • I already do. You do not, or you wouldn't be freaking out right now. Sorry to point out your roaring hypocrisy.

  • So help me ..........if they start putting Black Lives Matter signs/logos on the court of all NBA games, I will never watch another pro basketball game for the rest of my life. And all them n***** can just go suck an ugly D***. All youbb

  • Boy bye, have a nice trip see you next fall

  • What a strange comment section...

  • I know right. How do you like it.

  • Black people suck

  • White people suck too

  • TRUTH, my fine black sister.

  • I don't like anyone who feels a victim. Loser, is what you are

  • Just like the chimp making stupid comments all over this site

  • White lives don't matter. So shut up

  • Go to sleep , n***** . Have pleasant dreams . Dream that you are White . Then wake up and weep as you realise you will always be only a n***** .

  • What is a n#gger

  • White people are terrorist

  • Blm was literally founded by terrorists

  • Your white children are terrorist.

  • More like Burning Looting Monkeys, cause they are apes just chimping out over the death of one of their criminal "brothas". Makes me f****** sick to the core.

  • White people are doing the looting

  • Bml

  • Their "fan club" infantilizes and talks down to them, like small children. And they refuse to see it because their "fan club" is so hardcore about forwarding the narrative that blacks can do no wrong. That is enabling (NOT empowering) behavior and it's not helping, but no one wants to hear that. So f*** everyone involved, because all everyone wants to do is scream but not listen.

  • ^ THIS RIGHT HERE!!! ^

  • ^ This one-line sentence in all caps is "screaming." ^ The comment above it isn't. Get a grip, simpleton.

  • Well why are you screaming

  • Show where they are screaming. Why are YOU talking all the time but completely unable to listen? You are the problem.

  • Why are you screaming!!!!. This is an A and B conversation. C your dumb foolish head in the trash can.

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