Realized my body was made to take c***.

I tasted c** for the first time and also lost my virginity two hours later on the last day of school. I met him at the local lake that afternoon, He's 17 and I'm just 013. I never touched another boys d*** before. He is so hot and was so easy to talk to. He said let's go in the wood and layout our blanks together, we were alone and he took off his shorts and was naked, he pee on a tree, his c*** is beautiful and I did the same. He touch my ass and said it sexy and he kissed me and we layed on the blanket, he touched me all over. I felt so happy or safe in his arms.

20 minutes or so later, he guided me to his c*** and I took it in my mouth, he told me how to do it and in a few minutes c** filled my mouth. He just said Swallow it. I did and if felt to natural to have a boy do that to me. We talked and kissed a lot and he got vaseline from his bag and soon his fingers were in my ass I came from him doing it. Finally, he said, I'm making you a girl now and as he entered me. I was in agony, but soon it was nice and I got hard again and I came after 5 minutes. He lasted 30 minutes and came in me and I was in ecstasy from it. I realized my body was made it have a his c*** in my ass.

We have been meeting every day and he mades love to me for hours. He brought me two bikinis which he likes me to wear and I've let my hair get long. I'm starting to look like a girl now. I greet him every time by blowing him and swallowing his c**.

I love him. I wish I was a girl so he could make me pregnant. I want to marry him.

Jul 7, 2020

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  • Being a cute little guy in grade school the neighborhood teenage boy's were like in competition trying to get in my tightywhitey underpants. After having numerous loads squirted on and even in my boy's briefs I finally gave in to the sissyest boy ever. It was like "hey what was I so scared about?"

  • I'm a Post-OP mtf transexual age 30. I've been letting guy use me since I was 10. I've never been with a guy over 18, I just love the strength and sexual stamina they have.

    Even before I fully transitioned, not one I picked up would refuse to f*** me. They love c****** in my ass. Now with a p**** I get the DP, I always dreamed of. Not beats to hard young c**** pounding me then filling me up.

    Last weekend, I picked up 3, 17 year olds and let them use for 5 days straight. They were always hard and I can't believe how much c** I swallowed.

  • I'm starting high school and two boys who are 17 have been having me suck um and they like f****** me so much they take turns like two times each. Mom found sperm in my underpants and think something weird is going on? I fell asleep and forgot to wash um.

  • Hot story...

  • Cool! I was with my boyfriend the first time when I was 10 and he was 15. I too have become his little girl, growing my hair longer and wearing panties and stuff that he likes me to. I don't think that it's weird, two boys being together. I'm still 13 but I'm gonna be 14 in October and I really love him.

  • So hot

  • It was "so hot!"

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