H**** 21 old guy looking for Woman

The first time I had s** was when I was 17, I am 21 now, 4 years I've gone with no success. Sadly enough, I just m********* that's all I can do at the moment. My peins will gets rock hard with any female. My desire is to be able to give the best most orgasmic oral pleasure. I've only done it once and I really want to get better at it. If any females (20-45 years old) are honry with the desire to have s** as much as me, feel free to reach out. I'm in Orange County California.

Jul 8, 2020

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  • Oh sweetheart, you sons so sweet. I wish you were in Texas.

    I’m 48 and love to teach young men how to please a woman

  • Ive always wanted to visit Texas, we can still message each other thought if you'd like.

  • How big is your c***, sweetheart?

    Is 48 too old for you? I’ve been married for 25 years so technically you could be my son. That kinda makes me hot.

  • Ive always been attracted to women alot older than me. Im not the biggest however, im 6 inches on the dot.

  • Where are you from? Do you like married women?

    I’ll have my 25th anniversary on Monday.

    My hubby has a long c*** it’s 8 inches but rather thin. I’ve been wanting a thicker c*** that can stretch my p****.

    What is the circumference of yours sweetheart?

    I think 6 inches would be nice. I think I may be able to go down on that and suck it ALL.

    Do you like bushy p****? I have a full natural bush and 36 C b******. And a white bubble butt

    My b**** are a bit saggy after breast feeding 3 kids and the old kitty is well used after 3 births and 25 years of marriage but I think we could have a lot of fun

  • You are exactly what I'm looking for. Bushy or not , I love it all. I'd be honored for you a experienced woman, to show me a few new things.

  • Your so sweet.

    So tell me about yourself. Your c*** is 6 inches long. What is its circumstance?

    You live in OC, but what city? I love OC. Been there several times with my hubby when he goes there on business.

  • Shall we download a messaging app so we can communicate better?

  • What’s your name? Monday is my 25th wedding anniversary. I expect my hubby and I are going to have s** this weekend. I would love to know your name so I can think of you while getting my brains f***** out and my p**** eaten.

  • My name is Jessie

  • Jessie, I was thinking of you last night while I was having s** with my husband.

    While he licked my p**** I closed my eyes and thought of you. I then made him lie down so I could ride your c***. I mean ride his c*** with my eyes closed thinking of your thick six inch c***.

    My husband said that I haven’t ridden him so hard in years and that I was moaning so loud he feared I was going to wake up the kids.

    All I can say is you were a great f*** last night

  • I have a 7 inch d***

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