My wife is a ASS s***

FOUND OUT FROM MY WIFE THAT SHE HAS CHEATED ON ME FOR A LONG TIME AND STIIL IS..I had figured out she was cheating because she would come home real late 2AM or later with her hair all fixed and fresh lipstick I guess she thought if she did that I would believe she was with her girlfriends from work at clubs She does not drink or like clubs but I guess she loves to f*** lots of guys.,.,My wife told me she has been with lots of guys and if I wanted a divorce it would be OK...I TOLD HER IT WAS A TURN ON FOR ME TO THINK ABOUT HER F****** AND SUCKING OTHER GUYS...I told her I did not want a divorced I told her that I am Bi and in the closet because I dress in girl silky things and want to be a c*** sucked been that way since I was 12. she said OMG.she was shocked did not know what else to say..she said she would sleep in the other bed room and think about what I told her it was a lot worse than what she told me. .she found out in my other life I wanted to be a sissy c*** sucked in girly silky things... We did not talk the next few days.Then on the 4th night around 2 am she got in my bed and told me she thinks it would be a real turn on making love to me in my sissy clothes.....I could not believe what she was saying...she said instead of f****** in motels she could take guys home and both of us can play would be my sissy girlfriend from now on not my husband it would be so hot watching you get f***** or sucking your first c***. .She said when your dressed as my girl friend your name will be LISA also when you have s** with me..ok Lisa I said YES omg so hot.. My head was spinning ..Could this be true?? Everything I ever wanted..and she willing to find the play with in our house we will send the girls to my moms house a couple time a week ..Then said LISA go get dressed in your girly clothes come back and we can be lesbians together now I guess I will become an ass s*** too ..Let you know what happens...

Jul 13, 2020

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