Stealing & using my moms d*****

18 year old Male

So I’ve been doing this for some years now, she’s never once gotten an infection from me using it since it’s used for both Vaginal, & A***. But I remember the first time I “accidentally” stumbled across them and used them while home alone, & for the longest time I only ever used them while home alone because I was afraid of being caught.

But idk what happened when I turned 18 in April I guess I wasn’t afraid as much anymore cause I’ve almost been caught 40-50 times by now. But 1 day in mid April I took my moms d**** had it for a week used it for the entire week and she was working from home due to COVID-19 and she nearly caught me 7-8 times that entire week.

She almost caught me naked in the basement on my knees bouncing up and down on the d**** I mean I’m surprised she didn’t hear me I heard her open the door, yell my name and I was moaning loud. So I hurried up hid the d**** got dressed and she came down looked at me and asked what I was doing down here with a smirk on her face so I think she knew. Then she walked in my room multiple times while I was laying in my bed thrusting the d**** in and out of me.

But I returned the d**** after that week and none of her other toys moved, so about 3-4 weeks pass d***** haven’t moved (I check up on them everyday to see if they move cause it indicates she’s used them and sometimes I suck her c** off them) so I stole the same 7 1/2inch d**** again and I still haven’t returned it to this day and it’s been about 2 months.

I do believe she knows I use them cause there’s no way she wouldn’t notice a 7 1/2 suction cup life-like d**** is missing and a brand new bottle of lube is gone.

Plus she’s opened her box full of toys before in-front of me several times now and pulled them all out to “find” something I asked for them she’s even left my favorite 2 toys with lube on her bed when she left for work a few times before too.

I just think she doesn’t care that I have it because she has 10 d***** and their all amazing I’ve f***** myself with all of them on multiple occasions over the years and she’s almost caught me multiple times with her box in my room I mean she’s walked in while I had a rabbit shoved in my ass turned on vibrating the f*** out of my b**** and a******.

All in all she may just be cool about it, I want her to catch me one time and see what happens I wonder if she’d be angry or just be understand and maybe I can get her to buy me some more toys I already have a pocket p**** so I just want more d***** to f*** my ass with and maybe she’d be open to sharing toys

Jul 16, 2020

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