I am his c** s***

My husband is turning me into his personal s** slave. He is so quiet and shy and not the dominate type at all. He is often railroaded at work and no one listens to his ideas. He has been frustrated at his job and I asked him to take it out on me. At first he didn't understand. So recently on especially rough long days with his job, I would wait for him to come in the door while waiting naked or in his favorite neglige. As soon as he comes in the door, I free his hands of everything and unzip his pants, drop to my knees, grab his c*** and suck it until he c*** all over me. Sometimes I swallow but tonight I blow his load on my face and told him I was his personal c** s*** and have his way with me a control me as he wants. Release the stress. Afterwards I asked if he liked seeing me covered in his c** and he said it was “f****** hot.”

Also after dinner or before bed, we usually have s** but the past few days I have asked him again to take his work stress out on me. It ends up being regular s**. Last night he finally understood what I meant. We were getting ready for s** and he was telling me more about his day and how big of a a****** his boss is and how stupid his coworkers are. He kept on and on about work and the things that frustrated him while I waited for him to Stop talking and f*** me. He wouldn't stop talking about his day and out of nowhere he grabbed my hair, sat me on a stool at the foot of the bed, while he shoved His d*** in my mouth back to my throat telling me to take it all. He was telling about his lazy coworker that he was going to try to get him fired. Meanwhile he was shoving his d*** so deep he was gagging and choking me but I was enjoying his dominance. It was so hot but then he pulled my head off his d*** and forcefully shoved my head down into the bed with one hand and used his other to guide his rock hard d*** into my p****. He said “you said you were my c** s***?! Lets see what this means..”. It was all happening so fast I hadn't got gushing wet yet and I was so confused, blown away, and turned on at his new found dominance that my body wasn't ready for him. He pulled out and spit on my ass and rubbed it into my p**** before shoving his d*** in again. He found it hard to push my head down and thrust me hard so he changed and pulled my hair so hard and far back that I couldn't move my head anywhere. He pulled me back to him but with his c*** in me, I was stuck in a backwards c shape and I couldn't move. Omg this turned me on so much. He flipped me on my back and held me down by the throat and continued to thrust hard. I thought he was going to blow his load deep in me but instead he pulled out and blew his load in my face as he did earlier that day while saying some nasty things to me. I let his c** run on my face, down my neck, and to to my chest. I was still on my back and I started to get up thinking we were done and he slammed me back down, rubbed his hands across the c** on my chest and shoved his fingers up to my gspot aggressively pushing and rubbing it. He told me I wasn’t going anywhere until he told me I could. I could tell he still had a little pent up stress in him and he told me he wasn't going to stop messing with me until I showered on him. Using one hand, he held me down tight and his second hand he continued to hit my gspot. I could feel it getting engorged Like I was going to blow. He The decided he wanted to try to shove his fist in my v***** and after lubing it up and Shifting his fingers around, he managed to do it. He started to fist me so hard like my insides were his punching bag. Why was this turning me on so much?! Finally I couldn’t hold it any longer and I was gushing liquid everywhere. He pulled his fist out and turned around to grab something and I was trying to use what energy I had to sit up. I was trembling and shaking. He saw me and told me He didn't tell me to get up yet. I giggled thinking he was just playing with me. We were finished, right?! In my mind we were. He shoved me down with his hand around my neck half choking me again while he took the sucking vibrator (this is what he had turn around to look for when I tried to sit up) he turned it on high and put it on my c***. He told me I wasnt going anywhere and he wanted to force me to c** again. I said I don't know- I used all my energy. He pushed it tighter to my c***. It is the lelo sona cruise 2 and when you push it hard against you, the motor ramps into overdrive. I couldn’t control it. I came in about 30 seconds and somehow a shower of my fluid went everywhere. How the h*** was so much fluid this left in me to go again like that? I was in shock and surprised. I literally was laying there involuntarily shaking and twitching. After I got off again, I thought, k we have to be done but he was rock hard again by this time and he wet his hands with my p**** fluid and started to stroke his c*** inches from my face while Occasionally slapping my lips with it. Moments later he blew a load on my face and told me, “take it like the c** s*** that you are”. After he came, he told me I was allowed to get up and take a shower, and while I was showering he would pick my outfit out to wear around house the rest of the night. He literally laid out a thong and a old black leather choker necklace I wore years ago when they were “in”

The rest of the night we chilled out on the sofa watching tv but he would constantly look over at me with total admiration of everything that just happened. I felt like he dominated me but in these moments I felt like I had him by the b**** and he would do whatever I wanted. All I would have to do is ask.

Jul 16, 2020

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  • Sexy as f***, such a great wife

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