Small p****

My husband has a really small p****. I often fantasize about being with a guy who has a big one.

Jul 16, 2020

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  • My wife typically tries to avoid s**, since I am oversize in that department she claimed it hurt her. I would not say huge but I measure over 9" and about as big around as a silver dollar.
    The real problem is the head, it is half again larger than the shaft.
    She told me about dating a boy back in high school, and he was less than half my size, and it didn't hurt one bit. She really liked it when the pubic bone bumps her, I can't do that with her.
    So I told her to go find someone with a skinny little one, good luck.
    She did.
    Now the new gal I am with does not mind my size one bit.

  • Tell him about it, he probably wants to watch,

  • Do you communicate well with your husband?
    Have you shared your fantasy with him?
    You may be surprised by the outcome.

  • If your interested I’d be happy to share my husband. He has an 8 inch c*** and I love watching him f*** the brains out of other women.

    The only catch is that I get to lick up the mess

    Let me know if your interested

  • My ex was that size and I miss that.

  • This is a tough conversation to start with any proud male but while I agree that size does not necessarily matter it DOES make a difference... If your husband is a pretty secure Kat, share your thoughts & if hes receptive, set boundaries & find someone outside your circle of friends you are both comfortable with...!?;). Good luck

  • Ask him if you can have s** with a guy with a bigger p****! Lots of guys get turned on by their wives having s** with well hung men. Your pleasure is his pleasure

  • My husband is that way concerning one of my ex boyfriends.

  • You may try using a p**** extender, available in any s** shop. Also get some flexible d***** for her. Having aid that you may hooked your partner in administering c********** to o*****.

  • Is that why we don’t have s** much anymore?

  • I have a very small p**** and ended up marrying a virgin. After a year or so she admitted that she was curious about s** with a guy who was well hung. I told her to go for it and she absolutely loved it! Not just the excitement generated by infidelity, but the physical pleasure she received because of his size. She has had quite a few lovers with average or above average sized c****. Works for us.

  • The degree of s** drive should be at its peak then size doesn’t matter. Me and my wife are both pervs. She would intentionally go the places where she could be molested or groped and me just following her looking at men harrasing her. When at home i turn my self into a monster and f*** her i just 6 inch but she loves it likewise i go after women and later on i am spanked slapped disgusted by her in bed. We both are perfect for each other

  • Your eagerness is understandable. In my case once I showed my wife a xxx video where the p*** star with a massive c*** f****** the co-star, that too for a good one hour in various positions. My wife's comment was just like your thoughts and I felt too embarrassed. Though I retorted such a c*** will tear you apart, I could not hide my smallness of p**** expression.

  • I realize that men more than women wish they had a bigger p**** but what I'm have realized over the years, even though I have a less than average d***, that I make sure my wife has at least 2 o****** by hand or mouth before I enter her and have never had any complaints. That is not to say that I still wonder sometimes if she would ever want a larger choice but since she can have multiple o******, and I make sure she can have as many as she wants, I am not worried!!! So make sure he is doing all you want before he gets his jollies!

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