I j*** off with my girlfriend’s sister’s thongs

My girlfriend’s sister is way too hot. I’ve been dating this girl for a long time now and I’ve been using her sisters thongs to j*** off. Her sister is kinda messy and leaves her clothes everywhere. If you walk into her room there is clothes everywhere. Shirts, pants, bras, thongs. Everything, everywhere. She even leaves thongs on the bathroom floor and that’s how I use them. I purposely go to the bathroom, grab one of her used thongs on the floor, and I j*** off with it. Most times, when I’m about to finish, I shove her thong in my face and inhale. I’ve tasted them a couple times while finishing. And recently I started c****** on them. It’s the greatest feeling ever.

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  • I hope you GF and her sister finds out and your face is on the news!

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