Great S** Life

After eight years of marriage Paul and I still have a great s** life. This is not just by luck or accident you have to work at it. So, for all you people out there who's love life may have gotten a bit boring or, even worse, predictable here's some advice.

Firstly, age, shape, size don't come into the equation. The sexiest woman I know is in her fifties, not particularly attractive and probably 30 pounds overweight. Yet men drool over her. So, there's hope for you yet!

To improve your love life you have to try and lose your inhibitions. For most people suddenly dressing up in stockings and suspenders would be, to say the least, a bit embarrassing. So, start slowly. A flash of stocking top or a glimpse of a nipple through clothing can be a huge turn on for most guys. Or, when you're out whisper in his ear that you're not wearing knickers and wait for his reaction. If all this is still going too far you have the perfect tool at your disposal - the mobile phone. It's easier to send a text than to express your feeling through talk. If you're in to it try, 'Feeling h****', 'Can't wait for you to get home' or what about a simple, 'I love you' Remember if you always have s** in the dark just leaving the light on is a step in the right direction.

As things progress you could get a bit more daring. Outdoor s** is great. Hotel toilets, particularly of a daytime, are usually very quiet. Cinemas are equally as quiet in the day time. S** doesn't have to be the 'Full Monty' you can equally enjoy yourselves in other ways. Remember, it's not just the act itself it's the build up, knowing what you're about to do, which is just as exciting as the s** itself. Try waking your partner one weekend by giving him head. Who knows? He may return the favour.

As for Paul and I well we're a little further down the line. I can do the housework dressed as a French Maid or alternatively play the naïve schoolgirl, pigtails and all. We've done it, very drunk, in a lift. Paul's videoed me masturbating in Macdonald's, Burgher King, KFC - It's Finger Lickin Good! (Sorry! I couldn't resist that.) We love toilet s**. Providing you're both up for it it nothing is off limits. (Although a*** doesn't work for me. Too big and it b***** hurts.)

A word of caution, for us anyway, we don't get involved in group s**, threesomes for us it's a slippery slope. But, to each his own.

So, happy s** life. Now, go on I dare you! Get on the net and order yourself a s** toy or something and send it to your partner with a sexy note. You'll be amazed at what may develop.

Think sexy! Lot's of love!

Jul 21, 2020

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  • Good advice!!!

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