My first s**

I am 19. Not long ago, I had visited a brothel to have s**.

I paid and selected a s***, who must have been around 22-25. In the room, she removed her T-shirt and jeans. I was already feeling excited.

I removed my shirt and threw it away, held her belly sideways and kissed her lips. I was already hard inside. She then unbuckled my belt, during which I felt my b**** become even more raging. She threw my belt away. My jeans slid down a little, and the band of my lucky and expensive black Jockey underwear was visible. She ran her fingers over the band and inserted her hand into my jeans. Her fingers moved over my underwear as she tried removing my jeans. She did, and threw my jeans away. I was now only in my underwear, and socks, but didn’t remove them. I kept kissing her hungrily.

She broke away from my kissing and laid on the wooden bed. I arrived on top of her and began kissing. When she tried removing my underwear, I restrained her hand and breathed heavily, “Let it be.” I didn’t tell her that I had a fetish of having foreplay without removing my underwear. I love the way my d*** dances in the confines of my tight underwear when I am h****, and I love my underwear too much. When she asked my name, I again kissed her and lied, “Shaurya”. I felt great pleasure when she moved her hand over my underwear! I love the way my d*** dances in the confines of my tight underwear. Ah! AAH!

During this foreplay, I felt so hard, I thought my d*** would come bursting out of my underwear. She grabbed me over my underwear, which I now had to remove because the stiffness was beyond my control. When I entered her, she was almost about to scream a little, but I immediately kissed h****** her lips. When she eased, I didn’t spare her. I vented out all my frustration. I banged her with quite some speed and quenched both her and my l***. She was moaning passionately. Boys generally don’t moan, but because it was my first time and I was too excited, I was moaning loudly, too, but also occasionally kissing her passionately. The room was filled with our moaning noises and the creak of the wooden bed. I came in nearly 20 minutes, and it was so satisfying! I was impressed with her moaning and performance. She came thrice. As soon as I climaxed, I collapsed upon her.

I wore my underwear and I smooched her again, not wanting to let go of her. She was the one who made me experience heaven in my difficult times. In that moment, I wanted to stay with her forever, in that room, eternally having s**.

Finally, I dressed up and left.

Jul 21, 2020

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