I walked down the aisle with C** on my Face

I was a bridesmaid for one of my friends. I'm good friends with the bride, and of course I'm honored to be part of her special day. ​

So us girls were at the wedding venue - in the bridal suite, and we're done getting ready. Hair, makeup, all that stuff. It's before the ceremony and the bride and groom are taking their pictures. The bridal party is just sitting idle, basically waiting for the wedding to start. All good, some drinks and fun, you know, normal wedding party stuff.

I had met one of the groomsmen during all the wedding planning and parties. Really cute, and we had some major sexual chemistry together. We weren't able to do anything because he had a GF at the time. But when the wedding rolled around, they weren't together anymore. So anyways, the groomsman and I were hanging, flirting, drinking with the wedding party. That's when I suggested we take a walk and explore the wedding venue. Really, I just wanted to be alone with him. So off we went, and we eventually found this empty storage room.

Without hesitation, we just attacked each other. Kissing, groping, fondling. He helped me out of my dress, because I didn't want to get it ruined. And we f***** like animals. I don't know, wedding s** is always something special. You're all glammed up, at a fancy venue, at a special event. Wedding s** is up there on my list of kinks. Anyways, we f***** to help commemorate the day, he was on top, I rode him while he was sitting in a chair. He was especially tall, even when I was in my heels, so standing doggy was very enjoyable. He was such a good f***, I was praticaly moaning and screaming at the top of my lungs.

As he was getting close, he told me to get on my knees. I wanted to swallow all of his c**. Desperately. Badly. Plus, swallowing is much cleaner than a full facial. So I'm on my knees in front of him. Just wearing my heels and he's stroking. My mouth wide open, ready for his tasty c**. And he's close and he's about to c**. But instead of c****** in my mouth, there are these ropes of c** flying everywhere. On my face, in my hair, on my eyes. F*** it was hot. And messy, but no turning back now. I was a little annoyed at him, but more so enjoying the moment.

Afterwards, I tried to clean myself up as best I can. But I need some major help here, my makeup needs some attention. And I'm sure there's c** in my hair. We get dressed, and I ask him to find one of the other bridesmaids. He leaves, and the bridesmaid comes to help me out. She obviously knows what happened, and tries to help me out. Eventually we flag down the makeup girl and she's able to fix me up. But I'm sure there's still c** everywhere. On my face, on my lips, in my eyeliner, in my hair. By that time, it was about time for the wedding party to line up. So in this rush, we do as best as we can.

As we're lined up, the wedding party all know what happened. There were a few snickers and comments - all in good fun. I'm paired with my groomsmen, and yeah, we walked down the aisle. There's still c** on my face. Not noticeable of course, but it was f****** hot to walk down the aisle with everybody watching on. The ceremony itself was beautiful, and the bride later found out about it all. But she didn't really care at that point, cause you know she just got married. Later that night, I synced up with my groomsman again, and f***** throughout the night. The next morning, I gladly did another c** walk of shame back to my hotel room.

Jul 23, 2020

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