Confessions of a Recently Realized S***

Alright so here's the deal, I never got to be a s*** when I was younger (even though as a private school girl, and ballet dancer, society would think that was a given...) and then entered a string of less than ideal relationships with just a few intermissions of very mild sluttiness. I always failed at being a s*** back then, partially due to the bad relationships and very minimal confidence. But I also hadn't fully blossomed, so maybe it was all imposter syndrome?

Well, its a good few years later and somehow I've gone up three to four cup sizes (depending on the time of the month) and am much more confident in my own s** appeal. As such, I've realized just how much I enjoy teasing men (and women) and making them want me bad. In my last relationship, I loved it. My BF was at my beck and call, but I was ALWAYS the one initiating. I couldn't get him into anything kinky. Last August, he got transferred to another team and moved a few hours flight away. I was hoping to join him in a few months, but things didn't work out fast enough and he dumped me just weeks before I was supposed to move to the next city over.

Needless to say, I was super h**** by that point. Hadn't had any d*** for five months, except for a week when he came back to visit. I was finally ready to date again, and of course COVID hits, so I only got a couple dates in before lock-down happened. One guy I saw twice, and was the only guy I actually got physical with... after our second date, it was dark out and he was going to drop me off at home. We'd made out quite passionately before he dropped me off the first time but it was still light out. This time, it was later and darker. I was giving him directions back to my place (I had decided to move back with my family when it seemed like lock-down was imminent) so I directed him to a recreation facility with a big and dark parking lot that was already closed out. He figured out pretty quick what was up, and we started making out. I hopped over onto his lap and he pushed his seat back all the way. I had been wearing a skater skirt with pantyhose but no panties. At the bar, I had poked a hole in them while at the bathroom. I started to unbutton his jeans and he slipped his hands under my skirt and slowly up to my hips and thighs. I was getting so wet, I'm sure he could feel the dampness through his jeans.

He lifted up his hips so I could scoot his pants down a bit more and get his d*** out. It was already getting nice and hard for me. But when he lifted up his hips, I adjusted mine so that his thumb was forced towards my swollen nub, which was right where the hole was placed. I nibbled on his ear while his thumb rubbed my c*** and his index finger slowly stroked my slit through the tights. I was stroking his junk and gently twisting. My plan was to slide down under the wheel and give him a b******* but I started loosing control and let out a moan.

I swear he growled at that, and ripped the hole bigger. I don't know who did the work, if I was the one that lifted myself up and over hid d***, or if it was him but one way or another, I was slammed down onto his hard d*** and he pushed me back against the steering wheel. It was rough. We could hardly move, but he jack hammered into me while slapping my t*** through my shirt. It wasn't enough though, so I lifted up my shirt and he pinched my already hard nipples and slapped my bare b****** a few times. The smack of his hand on my t*** and his skin on my p**** was so hot. I took over rubbing my c*** and he was grabbing my hips with both hands and slamming me up and down on his d***. It had been so long since I'd had anything but my own fingers up there, oh how I had craved it! I'd never had s** in a car before, never outside like that, or in the open. It was friggen hot, between the immediate need of it, both of us knowing we might not have any for a while and the whole being pretty much fully dressed. Its made me realize that I want some more of all that. A bit of danger, a bit of the dirty, being "used" and not even taking the time to undress... I had also felt really in control and powerful knowing that I had sort of planned it all... from not wearing panties or a bra (and it was March, so cold. I knew he could see that I was aroused and perky from the bar) to then going home as if nothing had happened.

Unfortunately I think I scared him off... we had a lot in common, were in similar fields. It could have been a great relationship, but I never heard from him again. Oh well! Left me open for more discovery ;)

I apologize for how long winded this was and hope it wasn't boring. This was sort of my first foray into being a s***, and I have to say, I quite enjoyed it! I had a couple more (careful) slutty opportunities since, so hopefully the next post will be a bit more interesting! Lets just say, one fulfilled a looooong held fantasy...

Let me know what you all think and if you have any advice for a budding s***!

Jul 23, 2020

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  • Thanks for a beautiful story!

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