Mother In Law allows me to m********* with her there

My MIL came to stay by us for a while as she hated being alone. I was self-employed and at the time had too much free time. My mother in law is a beautiful, 65 year old with an hot body. From what I have tried to grope over the years her p**** is plump and her b****** are a good hand size.
On the day in question I was bored as h*** & was tired of watching p***. My MIL sensed my frustration and asked what's the matter. I confessed If she wasn't there I would have my c*** out & be stroking my c*** around the house and just blow a load anywhere. She told me to carry on like she wasn't there. I stopped in total disbelief & told her that she would probably inform my sister-in-laws and they would have me arrested for sexual abuse. She said that's not true and I should carry on like normal. I told her if it was indeed true to get me a large napkin so I could blow my load into it.
She appeared 2 minutes later & handed it to me. She sat down to my left & asked me to put something on the television. She was sitting a chair away on the couch & had my c*** in her peripheral vision.
I slipped my shorts off and pulled my now hard c*** out the side of my undies. I was rock-hard. It was throbbing in my hand and started off nice and slow, squeezing the head and shaft to get the veins to show.
I could feel the sperm moving up my shaft and asked her to say my name preceded by "Yes". She said this over & over. It was helping to push me to the inevitable end. I could feel my b**** tighten as my climax started to build. I edged and tried my utmost to hold back but it was too hot for words. here was this hot woman who was a whisper away. I grunted quietly & closed my eyes as the inevitable happened. I blew my load onto the floor which had the napkin placed squarely on the floor in front of me. My c*** just kept pumping till there was nothing left to give. It was the most intense o***** I have ever had and to this day (1 year) later it still gives me goosebumps thinking about this amazing experience. I just wish she would let me do it again :(

Jul 24, 2020

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  • Have you tried to sleep with her?

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