Woman walking her dog at night

I found a huge bag of cocaine on the street once and used it to have two prostitutes fight for it!

This bag of coke had a street value of at least 500 bucks. I met one h***** at a bar. She was a chubby brunette. Big t*** and huge, but sexy ass. Her face wasn't weather beaten like most and she must have been about 30 or so.

I told her my intentions, but she didn't seem to care. She wanted that coke!
Eventually she called a w**** friend of hers. A thin blonde with big fake t***! She had a plump, but shapely ass as well. she was about the same age. You could tell she was no angel and looked to be a former stripper.

So, I get these two hookers in my hotel room, take a pinch of coke out and put it on the table. I cut two lines and told them to each have one to check out. Then I pinched another, put it in a piece of paper and said "the loser gets this" (maybe a street value of 20 bucks), but the winner gets it all!

Immediately these two went at it slugging away and ripping each other's hair. They went at it like wild animals, yelling and crying out obscenities about the other. I could hear the slapping sound of flesh and hair fell on the carpet. These two were fighting to win, to hurt the other until she couldn't fight no longer.
Finally the chubby brunette got the blonde in a headlock while yanking on her hair. She flips her over and lands on the blonde. I could see it knock the wind out of the blonde. The brunette then forces herself on top of the thin blonde and pins her down. The brunette holds her down briefly to catch her wind and then begins to elbow the blonde on the head over and over again. The blonde screams in pain while the brunette asks her if she quits. Each time the blonde refuses, each time the brunette begins the bashing again.

They are both tired at this point and the blonde is nearly out of it. The blonde lay there resting on her victim.
"Sit on her face!" I yell.
The brunette looks over at me in a weird face almost questioning my request.
I say it again, but asking, but demanding! Quickly the brunette moves herself up and lands her crotch right in the blonde's face. She looks over at me as she bounces up and down and rubs herself side to side ... "I'm the winner" she says.

The blonde moans and finally can move her face to the side just enough to get a quick breath and tell the brunette she gives.
They break apart and I hand the ladies their share of the coke. The blonde although shaken is ok, the brunette is totally fine. Just a good work out for her.

They ended up staying for maybe another hour or so and we talked. They were kinda cool. The brunette offered me some coke, but I declined and told her to give a sniff to the blonde to which she did.

Jul 24, 2020

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