Please show my b**** some love and not my d***

Im a guy in my 20s and ive had a few sexual encounters in my time, not as many as id like but enough none the less, i have several different fantacies i always think about, the people ive slept with have been pretty normal, one was as bare bones as it gets id eat her out we wouldnt even s*** after, i was pretty good too instead of actual s** she just wanted me to go down on her and honestly i didnt mind that much i love eating p**** anyway so i was okay but it was just frustrating, she'd never return the favor, id ask and ask and hint and suggest you know all the crap but she'd try for literally a minute and give up leaving me just to do it myself, eventually she suddenly suprised me and instead of my d*** she worked on my b**** licking them sucking them and it felt amazing, she wouldnt always do it because shes always say her jaw hurt but i was hooked, i didnt care about my d*** getting any action i just wanted my b**** licked and sucked and played with id j*** myself off i didnt care it felt absolutely amazing id c** so hard everytime, eventually we broke up for complicated reasons but to this day im still desperate for my b**** to get licked, ive had other partners and theyve been alright with sucking my d*** but it feels like s*** compared to my b**** getting that full attention f****** feeling a tongue roll them around and trap them in her mouth while i stroke my c*** i get rock hard just from thinking about it, but they arent really into it, they wanna just suck my d*** and i say can you play with my b**** aswell and do for a little bit but always back to the d***, i havent had a decent proper o***** from have my b**** sucked in years its painful because i think about it nearly every night or at least everynight i j*** off, always looking up ball sucking and licking but its always second fiddle to a proper b******, f****** my ultimate dream is a girl sitting on my face and licking my b**** while i eat her out, i c** so hard thinking about that, and ive tried but they just go back to the d*** again, h*** i think it gets them off more than me at this point, havent had a decent s*** in months thanks to this virus so im desperate for my b**** to get the attention they need again, im probably gonna j*** off right after i post this too, but yeah im obssesed with my b**** getting played with but nobody does it anymore, so moral of the story suck b**** and less d***, amen


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