When good Christian blacks die they go to a separate part of Heav

Blacks go to a separate but equal part of Heaven because God doesn't want whites mixing with n******. Same with Asians.



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  • I agree with the OP. Its bad enough having to live in the same neighborhood with n****** much less live with them in eternity with them. My mansion on Heaven will be in an all-white neighborhood.

    For eternity no blacks anywhere to be seen. God will have them in an eternal paradise especially made to accommodate the black race. Free everything. No job required. All the p**** they want as long as it's not white.

  • You are sick.

    This post and the comments below are not funny

  • In N***** Heaven pork chops grow on trees and watermelons are always in season. Chitterlings are there for the taking. You find out who your father is for a change and you get everything in life you ever wanted except a white woman.

  • I suppose you can in believe in anything you like (Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, etc.), but there's no Scriptural basis for the idea of a segregated Heaven (on the basis of race or any other criteria) , and no mainstream religion espouses that as a part of its theology. In fact, no organized religion has ever suggested anything like that as a tenet of its teachings. In fact, St. Paul taught that all are equal: in Jesus, there is no Jew nor Greek, no male nor female, no slave nor free. We are all one in Christ. ONE. And yes, THAT IS in the Bible.

  • Oops! I meant to cite the scripture where Paul said that, but I inadvertently omitted it. There are a couple places, but one is in Galatians 3:28. All are one.

  • Solid point. It should also be said that, in Christianity, there are no categories for "good" Christians or other kinds or degrees . . .it's only a question of saved or unsaved. If you believe that Jesus died for your sins, and expressly accept the salvation that accompanies that faith, then by God's grace, and nothing more, you're saved. Believe it, and say it, and you're in. Whether "good" or "bad", you're in. Paul said he was the worst of all sinners (for many reasons, including his pre-conversion persecution of Christians and Christianity), and yet even he was forgiven and saved. So, all of us who believe in Christ will see Paul in heaven when we get there. Come join us. Please!

  • WOW! is it in the Bible??

  • Nope.

  • I wasn't a contributor here so kindly forgive me weighing in, but it looks like these postings may have got out of intended response order somehow, so I'll try to add a dollop of clarity, subject to the authors' rights to fix anything I misstate or get wrong. The quote from Paul's letter to his friends and others in the Galatian church IS (obviously) in the Bible, as that poster indicated, albeit in separate response blocks. But the answer "Nope" to the question"Is it in the Bible? " referred, I think not to the cited writings of St. Paul and the "all in one in Christ " theology, but to the OP's initial assertion of separate but equal living arrangements in Heaven: THAT is nowhere in the Bible. And no legitimate pastor or church would claim otherwise. You might hear such nonsense at a KKK or Neo-N*** meeting, but even they would know it's not true.

  • Right on!

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