I fantasize about having s** with my “Ma@

I want to f*** a woman whom I consider to be my second mom.
I first met this woman 16 years ago (I was sixteen, she was 26) at the grocery store where we worked. She was my supervisor and we hit it off right away, but our relationship took on a sort of “Mother/Son” dynamic that continues to this day.
We go for walks late at night and over the course of our conversations, she told me she that her current boyfriend f***** my (deceased) girlfriend. She says we can’t get back at them, but I beg to differ.
At the end of each walk, we sit by our cars and talk. I often think about standing behind her and taking her big t*** into my hands and jiggling them before taking a hand and sliding it down the front of her jeans to play with her c*** and p****, kissing her neck the entire time. After rubbing and fingering her, I’d undo her belt and yank her jeans and panties down to her underwear. Unzipping my shorts, I’d pull my c*** out and guide it into my “Ma”’s hungry c***. Despite the cover of darkness, there’s just enough light coming from the street lights to give people walking or driving by a few as I pump her curvy body like an animal in our town’s marina.
The parking lot s** last for only a few moments before she stops me and suggests that we drive over to her boyfriend’s house and continue to f***, but in his tiny car, which we do.

Jul 29, 2020

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