I had s** with my nephew

I am in my mid 30,s and single.
I have never even considered getting married and starting a family because I have two sisters that have made that mistake and are now single raising children by themselves.
I like s** and have had many lovers to date but I shy away from guys that get to familiar because I like my lifestyle.
I also come from a broken home with just my Mother around and she has had many boyfriends and she has been open about it.
This last few months has been really h****** all of us though with this lock down and no jobs available and my older sister Alice had a breakdown and is going through a therapy in a convalescence ward and her two children LeeAnne and Roger needed a place to stay .
Doris my oldest sister lives in Arizona so Mom took LeeAnne since she has an extra bedroom but I live in a one bedroom apartment so I agreed to take Roger but he had to sleep on the couch.
I work as a cosmetologist and so far we have kept a low profile and we have been working everyday so I am more lucky than some .
Roger is the regular smart ass teenager but we have gotten along so far .
I came home from work the other day and it was hot here in the S F Bay area and I slipped of my shoes and went into my bedroom intending to take a bath and I slipped on my cotton robe and headed to the bathroom looking forward to a cool shower and I had completely forgotten about Roger and as I stopped at the bathroom door I heard noise coming out but then for some reason I thought OMG I left the cat in the bathroom all day so I pushed the door open and there was Roger sitting on the toilet with his pants around his feet j********** his stiff c*** in his hand jerking on his very hard c*** and his eyes open in surprise I saw that his face and neck were red from effort but I couldn't tear my eyes off of his c*** head .
It was all swollen and red to and I was very impressed with his size he was still j********** with a strained look on his face his jaws were clenched tight as his fist continued to slide up and down his shaft I watched unable to tear my gaze away I had never seen a guy j******* before then a short glob of his c** shot out falling back on his fingers as he continued stroking his c*** frantically then he grunted and his c*** began to shoot out long thick strands of his sperm all over the tile floor and his legs .
I was still in shock but I muttered I'm sorry I'm sorry as I closed the door and backed away.
I went into the kitchen and sat at the table and I started laughing uncontrollably now in nervous relief it was so strange but it was also kind of kinky to and now I was looking at him in another light he was no longer the pest of the past he was a full grown man in body if not mind yet but I thought it best not to make a big deal out of it just let him now that t was normal for a boy to m********* and let him know that girls do it to.
I was a little nervous to face him but I knew that I should, I noticed that he was using a picture of me in my bathing suit to j******* to and I knew that I was going to have to wash it off because he has shot c** all over it.
I waited for a long time before I heard him moving around and I knew that he must feel mortified being caught like that and he tried to sneak out but I called him back and told him we had to talk.
I began to jabber that it was normal for him to m********* and it was my fault for not knocking before I opened the door and Roger sat there his head in his hands shaking his head from side to side apologizing for doing it .
I stood and pulled him to his feet and I took him in my arms as he kept saying I'm sorry Aunt Lee I'm sorry as I patted him on the back and I could feel his hot breath on my almost bared b******.
Things were getting out of hand now he was pulling my robe open and I felt his hot breath on my b****** then his mouth closed on my nipple and I was responding to him I took his head in my hands and pulled him tight against me now and I let the pleasure wash over me then I felt his fingers between my thighs and I moaned in pleasure his was the first male finger's I had felt in weeks .
We struggled into my bedroom and like to animal's we mated in a frenzy and roger came a second time then I had him on his back riding his c*** like a cowgirl fingering my c*** to o***** .
Then we were laying side by side and I was laughing breathlessly now recovering from my o***** but I had his c*** in my hand possessively
It wasn't over by a long shot soon I was giving him head to get him hard again then we f***** like bunnies again I thank god for youth because Roger was able to c** several times that day .
Thank god for birth control to because now it has been several weeks and he now sleeps in my bed with me and we are enjoying what comes naturally .
It will end once he moves back home but for now we just take it one day at a time.

Aug 1, 2020

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  • Because of the family relations, I'm very sorry to say this is wrong. I realize that the "wrongness" is a very large part of what makes it feel so good, but you must stop it before it irreparably damages the entire family. If you don't end it, and if the family learns of what the two of you are up to in your bed, it will almost surely destroy the family. Many years ago, I became physically involved with one of my female cousins, and even though we loved each other, and the love-making was glorious (and magnificently dirty and wild), once we were found out, it created huge and angry divisions in the family that remain to this very day, and which will probably not ever be healed over. Please talk to him and agree to break off the relationship. Since you are the older one, you have to be the one to take control and to decide everything that happens going forward. I know it will be hard for you to give up such a beautiful c***, but it's for the best.

  • I have talked to Doris and she will be released in another couple days and will take her kids home.
    Roger and had also talked about this and we both feel guilty about what we are doing and have agreed to stop when he has to leave.
    Nobody knows about us yet so once he starts back to school I thing with all the experience he found with me he will having luck with the girls his age.
    I dont want to stop though until he has to go.

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