L*** for aunt

Hey guys,
I really don't want to be called sick and perverted but this has always been on my mind. When I was 14 my mom had died of cancer. I felt so heartbroken. My mom was my best friend and were able to talk about anything. She was a single mom that raised my sister and I. Anyways I would always visit my family in Virginia because part of my family lives there. My mom has a cousin who is my uncle. He is adopted into the family. His wife is my aunt. I never really looked at her in a lustful way but when I was 16 things changed. I would visit my cousins who were much younger than me. My uncle is always at work and she sometimes works at home since she is in finance. One time I came to her room to look for a blanket to sleep and found she was breast pumping. She had nice big b****** and I felt embarrassed to see so I went away. After that time she was in pajamas in a gown which outlines her body. As a teen I'm obviously attracted to the female body. I don't really watch p*** and I'm just curious about how a real woman's body looks. 2 months ago I saw on snapchat my uncle lifting up another girl and giggling. I suspect he's cheating. I want to ask my aunt if I could see her b**** just out of curiosity. How should I go about asking without getting in trouble or her telling my family?? Please only serious advice. I really don't want to be judged wrongly.

Aug 5, 2020

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  • Start with praising her figure in pajama and gown, and watch her reaction. If positive, talk about her nice b****. If she is interested she will lead you on.

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