Dirty panties > clean panties

My girlfriends sister is so f****** hot but she hates my f****** guts. I often fantasize about getting her blacked out drunk and coming up with a ruse to put my d*** in her ass. Anyways, the other day in my drunken state of mind, while my gf was in another room, I ran to the sisters room, rummaged through her drawers and quickly as possible, snagged two of her panties and stuffed them in my pants. Obviously I can’t wait to smell them. Get home and to my dismay, they’re freshly washed.. I was so f****** disappointed. All I smelled was laundry detergent. Jacked off with them anyway. Next time I go to her house there’s no f****** way I’m getting clean panties again, I need to know how that p**** smells. I’m not letting this go until it happens. Wish me luck guys!

Aug 5, 2020

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