I Discovered B*********... Why Do I Like It?

So I was laid up on an injury for a while and spent my down time watching movies, playing video games and of course... watching p***. Stuff I really never do as I work quite a bit. During an image p*** search I ran across a picture of a masked female looking straight into the camera with a big dog c*** in her mouth. I have always thought in my mind that I would be disgusted by this... however I became excited. Something about her eyes and giving a b******* to a different species just.. got me off. I felt a little weird after I finished and chalked it up to a one time thing never to be seen again. Wrong. That very night all I could think of was women Blowing/F****** dogs so out comes the phone and explored for hours! 4am rolls around and finally put down the phone to get some sleep. Next day I was right back at it but now I am searching for woman with horses... How did I get into this kink so quickly? It has been a few weeks now and have returned to work so I have normalcy in my life now. However, I still search for this type of p*** on my down time and I can not stop. Why do I get so turned on by this? I like it but realize it is not "Normal". M/30's

Aug 7

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  • It can be very normal for some people. My BF had a German Sheppard for several years that was his primary s** partner. He loved it and is looking for another

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