My sexy little sister

I walked in on my mom and little sister talking about how sexy they think I am . She was saying she had peeked on me in the shower . She said she has had several dreams about us f****** all most every night sense that day . At this point I walked walked in my sister quick shut up and truned red . I walked past my sister and grab a nobake cooky I quickly ate it and said hi to my mom . Thin as I went back across the room . I started in front of my little sister .I lifted the front of her skirt and shoved a finger in to her pussycat . She never said anything she just got reader and then start monining at this point my mom was setting at the table watching us with her hand hard at work in her pants . By this point my little sister was really wet she still hasn't said anything . So I push her back on to the table . So I shoved my d*** deep inside my sister she cryed out as I popped her chary my d*** quick change read after a couple minutes she was back to monining. Thin after some time had passed she was in the middle of her 4th orgasming . I felt pressured rising I know I was getting ready to c** . I looked at her she was so sexy and it looked like she was noding her head . So I put my arms around her tight and start humping harder . As she mones yes brother make me yours your little sister needs it . Thin I gave her my c** . After I told my mother goodnight and told my sister that my bed is open to her she made it to my bed before I did and we f***** all night our mom made he move in to my room when we found out sis was pregnant


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  • Hey Go stand on the train tracks and wait.

  • QueerINCESTfucks

  • Nice fantasy

  • The whole time reading this I just thought abt how good a no bake cookie would be rn

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