Diaper wearer s**

At age 7 i would go for a sleep over to my cousins not knowing she would wet tbe bed still at age 6 my aunt would diaper her.. that night i stay my aunt asked if i wanted to be diapered so i agreed and she diapered me. So we fast forward as yrs go on sleep overs would stay consistent my cousin stopped wetting the bed and there were no need for diapers. I always asked my aunt to diaper me anyway and would as she would my d*** would get hard. She would tuck it against me and diaper me and slide her hands on the out side of the diaper until i would c**. This kept going on i turned 18 and would help with yard work i would get diapered and she would grind on me now to get me to c** and change me again. Now she would start f****** me between diaper changes and shower with me after the work was completed. Fast forward now im 32 and we still have great s** diaper play and all

Aug 11, 2020

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