Why american women would be proud to be a dirty hoe

Im curious about your answers. i will never respect no woman on this earth. Women are destroying this earth with their filthy ways. And why women support this kind of behavior. i admit, i see a lot of mentally ill running around here really need to be medicated real quick. i have a beautiful wife i love with the most high. i will defend her at all cost. My wife is mine to keep, i own her, I have a contract and it will not be broken. I will not let my wife be friends with no women or socialize. I dont like drama. I see women here acting like wild savage animals. And animals act better and have common sense. Women complain they cant get a man, but in reality, they dont want no man period. They want a dog to abuse. Well a man is a man. Not a dog on a leash. Women dressing like prostitutes and now their daughters are acting like hoes. Now they are turning men into Fairy Flossers, flames, burning sheets, tricks, and girls, i have a list of gays name i can mention. but i dont care about the men. im straight and love one woman. And she is my wife with a signed contract. Im just curious, why would a woman be proud to be a hoe and a prostitute. Men you might want to be careful who you want to be a mother your sons. Women are not capable of being a woman and a mother. Praise God, and be safe to all the men on this earth.

Aug 11, 2020

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  • You sound like a real d***. And extremely sexually frustrated. What’s a letter did mommy not love you enough? Or maybe she’d loved you too much....

  • Wow! You said like real grade A a******. How in gods name did you convince a woman to marry you?

  • You assume things about us that are not true. We are great women, completely capable of being great mothers, sisters, daughters and wives. What YOU don't get is we know what pleases us and know how to find self actualization. We don't need YOU to feel complete and happy. We are perfectly happy to find our own Gods, our own men, are own way and choosing our own life partners. I can F who and what and when I choose. I REFUSE to be hamstrung by some written contract. F U, I am OWNED by myself, none other and I'm happier for it.

  • Your wife cheats on you and you have no clue

  • Men make them that way. Your are too controlling. You 'own' an animal, a slave, cattle. Your idea of a wife is demented.
    You have no business on this site in this category, it proves you out as a hypocrite or just a dumb and bad liar / agitator.
    Hopefully you'll get better in your views or you can stay in your old country. A

  • Why are you even on this site? You get all judgmental, but I bet it give you a raging h******.

  • You write: "I will not let my wife be friends with no women or socialize." You are clearly a controlling abuser. You need to get your head out of your ass. And there is no way your wife is happy with you treating her that way. Don't be surprised to come home one day and find her gone gone gone. We should cherish our wives and let them have their freedom... not imprison them.

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