Worst first s** and it was paid

It was my birthday night and I was very alone in this quarantine so I got a hooked who cost me £ 170 and I didn't even f*** her properly as she wasn't cooperating well no good kisses or chemistry and she got it very early and I came very early. I feel really bad for spending so much for a f****** s** drive. Also, I didn't even end up doing it properly because the b**** who came didn't even accompany me properly. I was expecting to get into my birthday of 2020 making it at least one of the good things in life. But it just felt like a highly paid mastrubation.
I lost my money time. I shouldn't have spent so much at all this is almost 1/4th of my usual expenses and now its just blunt guilt making me feel bad for failing in the paid s** and also fapping during the lockdown.
Its just an output of how pathetic I have become since 2020. I just need to get my s*** together and ace through things in my life achieving them. I just feel too bad for being a d*** spending for s**.

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  • How can you expect a h***** to have chemistry w a man who is literally paying her for s**? You aren’t paying for a relationship, or to teach you how to have s**. They’re merely women paid to be used for s**. Nothing more. Most don’t kiss on the mouth anyway. I think you expected the experience to be like one shared between a couple but that’s not the case. You have high expectations for an hour w a paid h*****

  • Even I don’t want to go whores but I don’t have a choice to full fill my s** needs. I feel the same afterwards that, that could have been used to pay off bills or food etc etc. The only difference is I am frustrated and defeated so whenever I go to them I literally rape them...alot of fun..try it

  • What a sick f***! How can you justify raping women? Just because you’re pathetic and can’t have a decent relationship w a woman doesn’t mean you can rape women and brag about it you sick pathetic f***! Maybe one day one of these women you so willingly rape will cut your d*** off and shove it down your throat to choke on.

  • Sorry would still rape and keep on doin it. It makes me feel good bcuz i assume the women i am raping are sis or moms of a$$holes likeurself. I wish to fuckk your woman in the house...Amen

  • Sorry the s** was so bad. Hopefully life will look up for you soon!

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