Finding my Father's P*** Magazines

When I was about 11 or 12 I found my dads p*** mags. And while I enjoyed looking at the naked women, I actually enjoyed reading the Penthouse Forum stories. I was always more intrigued by the kinky and taboo stories and many have stayed with me all these years later.

I enjoyed to forced stories as well as the incest. I'm not sure if they still publish stories like this or not, or even if they have those magazines anymore, but they were very kinky and very taboo. One story I loved as a 12 year old was about a man who comes home early with friends and finds his daughter nude sunbathing. As corny as it sounds, the g******* her to teach her a lesson. While it's happening the mom comes home and instead of getting mad she joined in.

Well, all these years later and still remember it fondly and have a wife and daughter of my own....

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  • In the 70s the Forum and the Variations were the hottest mags on s** for young men - you cannot stop masturbating as you go through the article and pics!! They were my first s** guides-and had practical works on my gfs soon after!

  • Penthouse founded be Bob Guccione and Hustler Founded by Larry Flint mags never posted about incest you dumb A$$ Larry Flint had more class then you will never have. If they posted that Krap they would have been permanently banned because of Jerry Farewell Kept fighting to have them removed from the shelves. You should thank Larry Flint as he challenged the first amendment over his inprisonment and won.

  • You just could not beat the old skin mags!

  • 👆you caveman. The only honest part is that you hide in a cave.

  • Eat💩

  • 👆you💩head

  • Yeah they were great!

  • Agreed, jerked off to the stories many times!

  • I use to visit my aunt when i was in my teens she started to leave nude mags lying about she saw me glace at them she pick some up and put them on my knee she said go on have a look its normal, next time i called the mags were p*** she called me to the sate and we looked through them they were manly young boys penetrating mature women, she all these are of a nephew and his aunt, well you can guess what happened next,

  • SickFUCK incest lover.

  • Incest is lovely

  • Nothing better

  • Tons better. So much more to life then illegal, immoral incest SickFUCK.

  • Coming from the man that is always on this site!!! Lol

  • Do fill us in! All the details please!

  • Xxx

  • I used to love those magazines! I have seen magazines in certain shops but it's quite rare now. Most p*** is online now unfortunately. It's funny how the father/daughter scenario has always been popular. I'm sure you had some similar fantasies about your wife and daughter?

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