To the s*****who posted about the lgbtq

You stupid piece of s@@t you try to kill me. I’m gay and proud of it , so if you think you can get me try it! I will rip you apart ! You piece of snake sh&t !



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  • Gay people have mental issues

  • Why thank you for this untruthful information :-)

  • I’ll be sure to raped your f***** ass into next week, cut out your intestines and have s** with your intestines and just for the fun of it, I’ll cut out your f***** Tongue, And put in by my bed post and Give myself a nice BJ with it, see you in h*** F*****. I’m looking forward to it.

  • P.S, I will make you watch me death rape the f****** s*** out of your mom and dad and Death rape All your siblings and friends and even strangle your cat and dog to death, before I f****** take my time with you you f****** f***** piece of s*** gay f*** and right after I kicked your F****** teeth down your throat, I’ll make you suck my d*** and ass, than just for the fun of it, I’ll dig up your great grandmas skeleton and make you have s** with it before I decide to send your gay ass to h***. H*** is coming soon, I got nothing to lose and everything to gain in this world F*****.

  • You got some weird fantasies my guy, giving yourself a BJ with a decapitated gays tongue? guess you're into gay snuff :). (feel free to look that up if you don't know what it is ;) )

  • I’m not Gay, I’m not human neither, I have to be raised by humans to act human first, I wish I murdered those people who lied to me, so I can be human right now. But since I never known what love was, I may as well grow old and die and go to h*** afterwards, but why go to H*** alone. When I can take people with me to h*** with me so I would be lonely. I can share the misery with them.

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