Where is my p**** cat

I'm in my 30s and I live in a house that has a shared driveway with the neighbors. My partner was out of town and I was enjoying having the house to myself. I had some wine, took a bath, and was settling in for the night. It was dark outside when I stuck my head out of the side door to call my cat in. I got no response. The neighbors house was dark so although I was dressed for bed I tiptoed down the stars and into the drive way looking for my cat. I couldn't find him and started wondering if he had gone into the neighbors back yard. I went to check it out and that's when I saw it, a light on in the neighbor's basement. Standing in their back yard I could see right into their son's bed room. He was naked, he is gorges, he is in Hight School, and he was stroking his c***. I was immediately around. I stayed and watched the show.

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  • Hope you masturbated with this image in your head.

  • Problem posting this, oh well

  • Oh wow! You got to get him in the sack.

    There is nothing better than teaching a young man how to please a woman. It’s so cute and sooo rewarding.

  • Nice. You should have asked him if he needed help

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