Wife sunbathing topless

We Live in Kansas City and decided to honeymoon in San Diego. My wife is gorgeous. I definitely married up. My favorite day was the one we dedicated to the beach. We brought a cooler full of beer, found an isolated spot and laid out to catch some rays and enjoy each others company.

Shortly after finding our spot a couple of high school boys set up right in front of us. I was slightly irritated because the beach was not busy but figured they were trying to get some peaks at my wife. She was wearing a white bikini and was showing off a great tan.

After a couple beers she turned over to tan her back and removed her top so she would not have tan lines. Although she was completely hidden, the boys seemed to be looking more often hoping to see more.

I suggested she should turn back over and give them a thrill. She replied "are you serious?" I reminded her we were on our honeymoon and we would never see these guys again. She didn't say anything for a long time but then said "hand me a beer please." As I am getting the beer out of the cooler, she turns over giving them a full view of her chest.

Both guys turned towards my wife to enjoy the show. She grabbed the sunscreen and applied an ample amount to her chest as we watched. She whispered to me that it was making her super h**** to be the center of attention.

She continued to sun bath topless for about 30 minutes. She eventually wanted to swim and put her top on so we could get in the ocean. We enjoyed the water for a while then returned to our spot to drink more beers. As we passed the guys she asked them "do you mind if I take my top off again?" Both of them responded that they had no objections.

My beautiful wife of five days remained topless for another hour or so. I know she was driving me crazy and I am sure the guys were enjoying also. She asked me to kiss her mouth, then her neck and then her t***. I spent several moments kissing her as requested. I had never kissed her t*** in front of anyone before and found it to be very erotic.

I took her back to the hotel and we made love. She was really excited from the beach and promised me more erotic experiences in future.

Aug 17, 2020

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  • Topless sunbathing is normal here in Europe and people are respectful but to kiss her like that is hot .

  • F*** that sounds super hot, I love the idea of high school boys getting off to my wife

  • F. K

  • If you were in San Diego, why didn't you just go to Black's Beach?

  • Didn't know she was going to get topless.

  • Awesome!

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