I'm going into the p*** business

My wife doesn't know that I am going into the p*** business. I've been out of work for a while, now. But recently my uncle asked me to go into business with him. I never quite knew what he did for a living. I thought he sold drugs or something because he's got alot of nice stuff but I've never heard of him working anywhere. But he finally told me what he does for a living. He makes p*** movies. And he wants to hire me to help him produce his movies. He's says there's big money in it, especially in the types of p*** movies he makes. He makes those gang-rape/snuff p*****. The kind where the woman is gang-raped and then murdered at the end. At first I didn't know if I wanted to help make that kind of p*** but then he showed me a couple of his movies and it's really good stuff. The story-lines are pretty much the same on all of them. A woman gets brutally gang-raped by a group of men and then she is brutally murdered. The films are really well-done, though, and the special-effects are great! I was surprised at how realistic it looks. Lots of blood and everything. And I was surprised at how turned-on I got watching these movies. It was GREAT! I never knew I could get so turned-on watching a woman be brutally gang-raped and then brutally murdered. And he's got some great stories to. Like, in one movie, a woman is kidnapped from a parking lot by a group of men and they take her off to some secluded location and they take turns raping her and then while the last guy is raping her, one of the other guys grabs her by the hair and says, "Die, you filthy w****!" and slashes her throat. And it looks so real! Blood spurts out of her throat and she makes these choking noises like she's choking on her own blood and she shakes and everything. It's really good! And in another one, these guys break into this woman's house at night and gang-rape her in her bed and then as the last guy is raping her, one of the other guys grabs her by the hair and takes a gun and says, "Die, you dirty s****!" and shoots her in the head. And the blood splatters everywhere and everything. I was surprised by how good these movies are. Every one I watched made me h**** as h***! These movies are definitely good j***-off material. I showed some of them to a few of my buddies and they LOVED them. My uncle says there is a HUGE demand for these kinds of movies. He says he sells so many of them, he can barely keep them in stock. He's got people buy his movies from all over the world. Europe, Asia, South America, Africa, I see why he's got so much nice stuff. My wife probably won't like me making these kinds of p***** with my uncle, but what does she know. Once I start making good money and buying her nice stuff, I doubt she'll care where the money is coming from. Besides, I don't intend to tell her in the first place.

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  • Treat your fellow actors and actresses kindly! <3

  • Hey, dude, where can I get some of that p***? Sounds hot!

  • Even dumb f****** need a job. In between scenes your uncle will ask you to fluff the male stars when you aren't fluffing him.

  • I dunno, dude.... That's kind of weird, even for me. I don't think I'd like that very much.

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