I sniff and taste my families panties..

When i was in my early teens i was playing in the garage and playing with a ball and messing around i accidentally kicked over the washing basket .
Whilst i was putting it all back in the basket i picked up my mothers panties and i noticed they had a stain and white dried fluid all over the crotch area .

I smelt it out of curiosity and i got instantly hard and h**** ,
i had no idea what came over me and i knew i liked it so i stuffed them in my pocket and went to my room to sniff them and j******* .
The musk of her p**** and the aroma drives me nuts .
Once i came i would stealthy put them back in the hamper and this went on for months ....

Eventually it wasn't enough and i started licking it up and really having a good taste of it , sometimes it was really sweet like fruit and other times it was a bit sour but the excitement of having a lick and finding out every day what the flavor was exciting .

Watching her clean up the house while i was on the couch knowing only moments earlier i had enjoyed the taste of her p**** was a crazy feeling ...

One night she came home really drunk and she had a shower and crashed out in bed really fast . I had no idea at the time but i went to the bathroom to grab my notebook that was on the bench and i saw her clothes all over the floor .
I very quicky took a photo of what it looked like so i could put it back the way it was, locked the door and snatched her panties off the floor and i vividly remembered it was a cream silk g-string with lace .
It kind of looked expensive like a Victoria's secret pair .
The discharge was mostly dry but there was a fresh wet patch and i lapped up every last drop of it . It was so pungent and sticky but it turned me on even more , I even got to the point i was sniffing up the part that rode up her ass , the musk of her a****** was so addictive .
I thought i wouldn't like it but i did ! .

Over time i got lazy and more relaxed about putting her panties back in the wash basket and one night i stuffed it in my pillow case and passed out .
Only for her to do the washing the next day ....
Im 99.9% sure she found the panties in my bed as she acted so weird the following day and i tried to keep away from her to avoid the conversation .

She never asked me about it ...
After that her panties were never in the wash basket for what seemed like a month i can remember vaguely .

Then ! one day i found all her panties ( would have been like 4 of them , which is out of the ordinary ) were all on top of the wash basket in a pile .
Some of them were HEAVILY soiled and had stains all over them.
( very weird as there was only one small stain or patch usually )
Normally their buried at the bottom for obvious reasons ...

She was gone for the whole night and i had a field day ,
I remember vaguely when she got back home around midnight ( i played video games late ) she was very upbeat and chirpy .
Almost to a weird degree .

From that day onward the panties were always on the top of the hamper .
Im not sure if it was some unsaid agreement or she did that without thinking but considering the changes and what happened i think she finally decided to let me have them .

I did notice one day i had soaked a pair of my undies after a day of having fun and dropped them on the floor in my room and got into a new pair and after going out with my friends for an hour and coming home they were gone and my room was clean .
In a panic i checked the washing room to go clean them just incase she didnt notice them and they wernt anywhere !!
Not the basket or the clothes line or in the washer or dryer ...
Just gone ..

I started to wonder if my mother was using mine for her own purposes .
It didnt really bother me and just surprised me a lot more then anything ,
i started leaving my really soiled underwear out for her ontop of the hamper from that day onwards .
One day before i knew she wanted a shower i even blew my load in them and left it visible next to the shower door and check the hamper later to find the c** stain more smeared and in a vertical line up like it had been swiped or played with .That turned me on ALOT .

Ever since my panty sniffing / licking has been prolific and i find it hard not to when i see them around at my aunts house .

Its interesting seeing how different women smell and taste and its always a thrill .

Aug 21, 2020

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  • It's natural to sniff panties.I used to sniff my sisters dirty nickers regularly.Her c*** stains smelt great.The amount of times I shot a load into her school nickers after she'd worn them all day mixing my c** with her c*** discharges fantasising I was f****** her

  • It's okay, it's all normal. The first pair of panties I smelled was when I was 15 at my best friends girlfriends house. I went to her bathroom and she had a pair of XS black lace panties on the floor with a white stain in the crotch area and I picked them up and sniffed them, got an instant h****** and was hooked from there on. The 2nd pair I sniffed was my step mothers i took out the wash bin. I would take alot of them and I know she found out and took them back out of my room. But thats okay, it added to the thrill! The third pair I sniffed was of my sister's that is 16 months older then me.

  • I’m 50, I’ve been married to my wife for 25 years. So far I’ve jerked off while sniffing every female in my wife’s family. (Except her mom, for some reason EVERY girl/woman in her family is hot as f*** except her ft-assed mom) the first panties were her younger sisters (we visited her in college and we stayed in her dorm. B/c my wife and I were only dating at the time, I had to sleep in her sisters single bed, they slept in the living room on an inflatable mattress. Her hamper was next to the bed, I just had a look found the newest pair and jerked off 3 times smelling that virgin vag , and the 4th time I put the creamy gusset I’m my mouth and sucked every drop off)! 16 years later I did the same to a pair of her 14y/o daughters panties. I’ve jerked off sniffing my wife’s brother’s daughter’s dirty panties... As well as my niece’s mom’s dirty panties. My wife’s brother and his family used to stay with us every summer for about a week. So I had unlimited access to both mother and daughter’s used panties, beginning when my niece was about 12, ending when she was 17. You should NEVER come on the panties! Women are VERY aware of how they left things, if you move something, put it back EXACTLY a how you found it.. Seamen dries hard, and leaves stains on colored panties. Don’t be stupid, if she does her laundry soon after you come in them they’ll be soaking wet. Also, experienced women can smell seamen, and know EXACTLY a what that smell is! Where you come doesn’t make your o****** better, so why do it? You are begging to be caught! NEVER steal panties if YOU were the only person who could have done it! Also, never j***-off in her bedroom, even if she is not home, she might come back and you will be caught with your D*** in ur hand and her panties on your face... you can NEVER explain that away.

  • I’ve done the same thing!! There is nothing better.

  • NICE! Dude, you hit the family jackpot! My sister is staying with us right now, she lost her job b/c CoVid! Her daughter, my niece is 13, I sniff her dirty panties almost every day. I’ve not J/O so much since I was a teenager! I was curious to about the smell of mom and daughter, so I took a pair of my sisters to sniff. She has a really nice smelling cvnt, but I gotta say that my niece is my favorite smelling pvssy ever! Anyway just wanted to tell you you are not alone in the “sniffing family pvssy” club. Did you ever play with any of them?

  • I’m not the person you asked, but I’ve also been sniffing my nieces panties, also her moms too (my sister) when we were pre-teens we used to play “the licking game” you can guess what that was, I would lick her pvssy for like 2 minutes, then she would put me in her mouth and lick me for two minutes, then we switched back. We’d do this until “mysteriously” she just didn’t want to play anymore... obviously she had came, and was sensitive! After she got old enough to get her period, she just didn’t want to do it anymore, but after about an hour of begging when I was 14, she blew me! That was the last thing I did with my sister! When she had her daughter, my wife and I would babysit, and when she was about 7, I snuck into her room pulled the sheet off her, and slid her panties to the side and played with her pvssy. I was surprised that she didn’t wake but she got extremely wet! Because of her position I was lucky enough to be able to lick her pvssy juice off her butt. Again, I was shocked that she didn’t wake-up, until the next night when she was going to bed, she gave me a hug and whispered “will you play that secret game again tonight?” She was awake after all! So for the next two and a half years I would go down on her every time she stayed with us, but when she was almost 10 she seemed weird, and when I went into her room that night she was sitting up reading a book as if she was waiting for me, she closed the book, and said quietly, I don’t want to do this anymore, this isn’t right, you should never have touched me like that... I’m not going to tell anyone, but don’t ever touch me like that again, uncle ********! But having the opportunity to lick both mother and daughter at the same age... amazing! And yes! They tasted almost exactly the same! I still j/o to her used panties if I can get access to them, which tbh isn’t that often anymore, maybe once or twice a year!

  • By the way, I’d LOVE to hear about your 13yo nieces pvssy? Btw, do you ever get a chance to sniff your sisters pvssy soaked panties?

  • Hey, I’m the person you replied to (the guy who sniffed the panties of every female in my wife’s family) Ok, so how they smelled? (I’ll have to abbreviate their relationship to my wife: Brothers wife=BW, brothers daughter= BD, sister=S, and sisters daughter=SD) BW smelled okay, her pvssy was nice kinda tangy! But her daughter (BD) has the nicest smelling pvssy and nicest tasting. Weirdly she smelled a lot like my wife, but much, MUCH sweeter! S, smelled amazing (especially when she was an 18yo virgin), but as time went on it changed, and smells very tangy, but I still JO and give ‘em a quick sniff if I get the chance, just for the kinkiness. But HER daughter (SD ‘real name Laura’) smells and tastes amazing, she just turned 18, and I’ve been sniffing them since she was 12. Her pvssy has a slight tang, but an overwhelming sweetness. Even when she was younger and they smelled kinda pissy, I could still taste that amazing pvssy budding into maturity! I’ve only been wreckless enough to actually steal a pair of panties once, b/c if she noticed then who else could have taken them? But I still own a pair of Laura’s panties sealed in a ziplock! I try not to open it often b/c I want to be able to smell that pvssy as it was at 16yo, when she stops being hot! I’ve also sniffed MY cousin’s panties, and her mother’s panties (my aunt). They were the only mother and daughter I’ve ever smelled who smelled exactly the same!

  • Very horrid you ever give her hints that u wanted her? Is she married?

  • Occasional , but i assumed they just wanted to leave it at that .
    Also no divorced .

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