F***** my neighbor’s son

My husband moved our daughter into her dorm this past weekend. I was feeling depressed and when I am depressed I get a little frisky. I mean what woman would not be depressed when their youngest goes of to college.

I’m 52, petite but well endowed with a bit of a bubble butt. I saw our neighbor’s son cutting grass so I decided to go outside and do some “lawn work”. I squeezed myself into some supper short white shorts(w/o panties) So short that my butt hung out a little and put on an old thin tshirt making sure my nips poked and that you could see my large areoles.

Long story short I got him to help me in the back lawn to move some potted plants. I ended up sucking him off in the back yard. He then tore off my shirt and f***** me in the grass. We then went inside to clean up but ended up f****** in the shower and in my marriage bed.

It was amazing! I can’t wait till we can do it again. His c*** was soo HARD and he was so cute and eager to please

Aug 21, 2020

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  • Amazing! I put up a story about f****** my mother in law. She's in her early 70’s and has been through multiple marriages with kids from all different men. That's how I knew she was a freak. I'm in cali. Do you have a snap chat? Let's swaps pics and see if you are real

  • At your menopausal age you may f*** without any protection. I have been doing it when I was 48 yo soon after my periods ended. Now I f*** my two young friends on different days weekly. My hubby has ED problem but he eats my p**** to o******. My friends say that I am blooming with age! True, regular s** keeps you alive.

  • Amen!

  • You are right. After menopause I became so alive sexually. I a 52 year old GILF.

    My new lover (my neighbor’s son) has told me I am much better in bed than any college or high school girl he has had and that mature p**** feels soo much better than any cherry he has popped (and he claims to have popped 5!). I sure he is not stretching the truth either he is 6’1” tall muscular and hung.

    He stretches my 52 year old p**** with his amazing c***.

    We are watching the football game now. I promised him a BJ if the Texans win. And if the Chiefs win he gets to eat me out. Either way I win. And either way I know he won’t be able to stop with oral.

    Granny is going to laid

  • How big was his c***?

    Do he wear a condom?

    Did you let him c** inside of you?

  • Didn’t measure but it was over 7 inches for sure.

    No condom. I’m married so I don’t keep those in the house. Yes he did c** inside me. He came twice. The first time was incredible. Never had that much c** inside me. Not to mention I reached o***** at the same time which never happened to me before and I’m 52.

    I can’t wait till we can do it again

  • Mmmmm that is so h****. C****** deep inside you too, did you f*** you’re husband afterwards?

  • Unfortunately not. He is impotent but he did comment as to how bubbly I was. I told him I didn’t know what he meant. He then spanked my butt. I told him, “hey don’t flirt around with me and make me excited. It’s just not fair.” He replied,” baby, I’m sorry but you are soo sexy tonight. I know exactly what I want for dinner..... your hot wet p****”.

    I love it when he eats me out but I just had s** with the neighbor’s son about an hour prior.

    Long story short, my hubby cleaned up the slop and I had an amazing o***** just knowing he was licking up our neighbor’s c**. After all we used to babysit him and bring him fishing and now he is licking up his c** from my p****.

    WOW. I’m getting wet just writing about it

  • This is a very hot story. I'd love to be the neighbors son.

  • How old are you sweetheart? Do you think you could handle a 52 year old GILF?

    I have I nice fire red BUSH waiting for you if you think you can handle it.

    BTW, how big is your c***? Do you wear condoms?

  • Yes I were condoms it's bigger that way

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