Caught my dad f****** my gf

Last year before I headed off to college my GF’s family arranged for a week at the beach in a nice beach house. But my mom said their needed to be parents in attendance.

My mom decided to stay home with my sister and my GF dad had to work so her mom and my dad chaperoned. The beach house was huge 5 bedrooms! The original intervention was for both sets of parents to go along with my sis and my gf and I.

We had loads of fun and on the second night we drank a little too much. My GF and I started making out in the living room. Clothes started to peak off. Next thing I knew my dad and I were sitting on the recliners while we were getting BJs. It was awesome. My GF and ai then left the room. Later that night MRS C woke us up 3 times moaning and screaming for more. That led to an awkward morning the next day.

That next evening MRS C and I went out to a restaurant to pick up some take out. She said she needed help. But what she wanted was to apologize and ask me not to tell anyone about what happened. She said, “ I’m 52 and been married for 30 years. I was never with anyone else than MR C EVER. I got a little drunk and I lost control when I saw you guys having fun. “

We then got back to the house. We were setting up the dinner table then we heard my GF moaning. We opened the door to my dad’s room and she was riding his c***. Mrs C’s eyes opened wide and her mouth dropped open. I was about say something but she put her hand over my mouth and closed the door.

She then said, “ we need to teach her a lesson”. She gave me a deep kiss. I got soo hard as she reached down and grabbed at my crotch. She dropped to her knees and sucked me off. Taking in my whole 6.5 inch c***. She then had me f*** her on the counter and moaned soo loudly. My GF and Dad walked out of the room just as we climaxed together

The she hopped off the counter licked my d*** and pushed me onto the couch. She then did the reverse cow girl while she told my GF to finish setting the table. She told her and my dad to start eating and that we would be there in a few minutes. Then I came insider her again.

Over dinner we swore each other to secrecy and she scolded my GF for being in lady like but then laughing said, “ but honey thanks for introducing me to two of the finest c**** Your momma has ever had.”

My GF and I broke up. But MRS C and I hook up anytime we can

Aug 21, 2020

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  • No. C is the first letter of her last name.

  • You mean c for cun t

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