F*** stepdads

I f****** hate my stepdad. So much so I usually call him Fucktoad and have dreams about slapping the f*** out of him. He actually called the cops on me three times bc of fights my family members have had. One time he legit drove me to the police station. He has my mom wrapped around his finger and she doesnt realize how much of a d*** he is. He drinks all the time and it mean for no reason. One time my mom heard him say he hates his life and wishes he never married my mom. Well, me too f*****. I really want to get revenge somehow but Im unsure how. I was considering putting dead mice in his work van, but my cats havent brought me any :((. I also sometimes want to push his motorcycle over, but my mom actually loves it. I love my mom. I just really want to show fucktoad that he cant come into my family and ruin my life like this. Oh, hes also pretty physical when he is mad. Is it bad I had hoped he had skin cancer? To be clear, I dont want to like kill him bc im not that crazy, but I do want to ruin his life like he had mine. Any suggestions for petty revenge?

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  • Sleep with him lol

  • Jesus H. Christ! What a spoiled, over entitled little brat! How has he ruined your life? He wont let you just do whatever the h*** you want? Quite literally, the ONLY real gripe you mention is that he called the police on you after you fought with your family members. GOOD! That is what he is supposed to do. It’s either he call the police, or get physical with you! You, however, decide to throw-in that little “he gets physical with me” you know, just to cover all of your “pity-points”! Now to be clear, I absolutely do not believe it! Well I do not believe it is undeserved! You are, however, still enjoying the free shelter and free food he is providing you. How do you think YOU would provide a roof over your head and food in your stomach if he (rightfully) threw you out? Because as a teen with no marketable skills or education, it would either be on your back, or on your knees! Think about that! Every time you think he’s being “mean” to you, remind yourself “hey, at least I didn’t have to suck an old guys D*** to eat this meal, or sleep in this bed”. And maybe thank him once in a while... maybe he would treat you with more respect, if you actually showed some to the man who feeds you!!!

  • The dumb s*** people spend their time on...

  • Single mothers are cancer

  • Oh you poor baby. Someone is not putting up with your Bullshitt and is trying to make you behave. Can't get away from being forced to behave. You are lucky when I was young my father put my head through a wall and broke my jaw when I missed behaved. But if it wasn't for him I would have dropped out of school and been in jail. Never mind graduating collage. Start behaving till you are old enough to move out. Then you can do what ever you want. Just remember that there is consequences for you actions.

  • Apparently you didn't learn how to spell COLLEGE while you were in "collage." Maybe getting your head put through a wall left you brain damaged.

  • I may make spelling mistakes but I got more going for me then you got. So go back to room and cry about it or do what a lot of people you age are doing. Commit suicide.

  • POP THE TIRE OF HIS WORK VAN ? 🤣 OR you can try just being really nice to him, come at him like an adult. Have a talk with him, make him believe he has purpose in your life and he will probably stop being d*** to you .

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