Wifes panties

I love finding my wifes used panties in the laundry basket. First thing i do is have a good look to see if she left any c** stains in them and thrn i have a good sniff of them and finish off with a good w*** leaving my creamy load in them

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  • That's so hot. Come stay at my house, I'll wash your undies. Always enjoy my daughters fresh panties after she takes them off!

  • I wish my husband was like this.

    Im clean and stuff, but he hates pvssy, its smell, doesnt touch, hate panties.

    I LOVE my smell. I would fvck and lick me if i could. But i dont like other women, though.

  • He must be black. Can't fry it, Don't eat it.

  • That is so racist and not true. The best f****** I ever got was from a black man I met at a bar.

    His c*** was huge. He f***** me so hard. Then he went down on me when my p**** was full of his c**.

    It was amazing. I would have married that man, but we are both married with kids. But we hook up a couple times a year.

  • Amen sister! I have no idea where this racist stereotype came from? I prefer dating African American men, never yet has any guy I’ve been with failed to go down on me! I did however date a WHITE GUY who would not go down. (Given the fact that I had gone down on hm, I thought it was selfish, so I didn’t date him again after that.
    I also share another thing in common with you... the best guy I ever had go down on me, was black!

  • Hmmm want to chat..

  • What you are licking is my come that leaked out of your wife after iFUCKEDher.

  • Shut up.. tired off Same BS again n again

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