i'm sorry i'm not as interesting to you as he is. i wish i could be as boundlessly funny, interesting, and entertaining, but i just don't know how to keep you occupied.

i also hate it when you make me feel stupid. that's why i act that way you know, because i'm just trying to be interesting! but instead, you just make me think you don't like me.

and please, i would love it if you told me more compliments. physical ones are great, but i would also love when you tell me little things about myself that i haven't noticed. like the little habits that only people who i'm really close to would know. i love it when you give me compliments, because i know you sound so sincere when you're saying it.

i think i love you, i really do. i love being around you all the time, no matter where or when. i know you used to feel the same way, but i don't think you do anymore. now I'M sorry i'm clingy. weird how the tables have turned.

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  • it's just a confession, it doesn't mean you have to read it.

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