I hate my f****** husband

I hate him with every ounce of my being. It took me way too long to realize he is literally a narcissist. I just want him to die. I'm seeing a lawyer to get a divorce and plan on surprising him with divorce papers on his birthday. F*** you, you worthless piece of s***!

Aug 28, 2020

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  • Was he charming, good looking, and great in bed (at first)? then he's a narcissist and a sociopath and you fell for it.

  • OK Jan Brady

  • "Wow!" - Owen Wilson

  • We do not know both side of the story. However, its better to leave all those people and things which does not serve you in anyway.

    Avoid negativity in life.

  • LEAVE!!

  • Leave what? this fool is crazy

  • But how do you really feel about him.

  • How do you feel about your husband

  • .....and i hate you, you were loser in bed never gave me BJ. Thats why i cheated on you and proud of it. I don’t need you go f urself

  • A BJ. how about clean it. and i might just do that. but not to night. i have a date

  • Read my last line written over there bit ch i don’t care go f.....

  • My wife hates me. Luckily her parents brought her up to be a good obedient and submissive wife. So when I tell her to lie down and spread her legs she just does. Early in our marriage, I made her wear a mini skirt when we went to visit her parents. She started a discussion about it and modesty and her mom said that she was under the headship of her husband and that she should obey me and we all need to make sacrifices and the best bit was that it was easy to submit when you are getting your own way but so much more when you have to sacrifice to be submissive.

  • Slavery

  • You should look her into her eyes while you are forcing urself on her. I double the erection and makes it really hard

  • I agree. I tell her to look at me and keep her eyes open.

  • Im blind

  • Such strong emotions. I wonder maybe you don't see your own failings. Your inbuilt hatred will reflect on you. Maybe you have made yourself unattractive.

  • You made me feel unattractive

  • You didn’t gave me a second chance... you ended the relationship with me. Till now i am alone and waiting for you

  • Alone you wait

  • Thank You Melania!

  • Is this trump wife

  • Come over to my house...i guarantee you will forget about your husband

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