Want kicked in the b****

Yea...sums or up since age like 13 (10 yrs ago) I've wanted a chick to kick me. To this day I never even hurt my b**** like ever lmao... dated 1 girl for like 6 yrs n she didnt want to so never thought as much of it til we broke up last year.

In college now (PSU) and wont lie actually thought of asking random chicks on campus. Not gonna happen tho too embarrassed so guess that's kinda good lol

Aug 29

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  • Oh wow! I used to love kicking guys in the b****!!! In school I actually would like get them mad at me, so that they would call me a b****, or a c*** or something like that. That was my excuse to then kick them in the b****. I always made sure other kids saw it. It felt so good to see them like all in pain and s*** and me being all powerful. Did it many times.

  • Well you seem very excited thinking about how you used kick guys in that place lol do you miss those times?

  • In a way I do kinda, but I would never do it to like my husband of course. I kinda have graduated to just buying any kinda s*** I want to buy and making him pay for it. I just love spending his money and watching him squirm but then giving him s** and all is well. lol

  • Haha you said you graduated 🎓 . So you would still do it just not to your husband. Lol thats kind of of brutal that you would do it while people were watching if other kids saw me getting kicked there that would be so embarrassing

  • Dear Webmaster...please send new posts you idiot

  • Amen! We are --- all of us --- being ignored again!

  • But not if they're more of this bullshit cranked out by drooling losers!

  • Yuh rightio! True so much it is! Yap!

  • For your sake, I hope you get beyond this phase soon, which I believe is self-destructive and exhibits some feelings of worthlessness or need for punishment. I'm sorry you feel that way.

  • When I was in school I lhad a boyfriend from the same school that was my age and that was just the normal teen thing but at the same time I also had a guy on the side who was 36 and he was married with 2 young kids who I babysat for sometimes. I dominated him for the whole time because that was what his soul really needed. One of the things he loved for me to do was kick him like you described. I was real mean about it and I called him ugly names when I would do it. He would always tell me how much he loved me when I did him that way. So I understand why you want that deep in your heart and I think its pretty ordinary and also beautiful and I think you will find someone to show you that kind of love. Lots of women do it and like the control over your life and your body. Just be careful with how far you let her go. Lots of things can leave marks or scars or bruises that your wife might see. Find somebody to love!

  • Very similar to me, married with kids but my 19 year old mistress dominates me. My friends all know me as the man, the guy who will get my way and keep everyone happy in the process, a bit of a lad in my younger days. Whereas my teenage mistress has me crawling around after her, kissing her feet and stripping me of my masculinity. When she is h**** she refers to me as c*** just there to please her. Then afterwards she leaves me all hard and throbbing. Sometimes I can c** on her feet, t*** or ass but she makes me lick it up after. One time I took the day off work to take her on a shopping spree, she rewarded me with the most outrageous p***-like s** ever.

  • You are SUCH a lucky man. And our HERO!! Please tell us how you met this special girl and came to be involved with her. Do you fund her living expenses? Buy her lavish gifts? How do you manage to keep her (and whatever money you may spend on her) hidden from the wife? Do the two of you go on actual "dates"? Dinners, movies, concerts and such? Does she expect/demand that you will one day leave your family? Does she denigrate your wife? Does she threaten to tell your wife about the affair? Does she threaten to tell your employer? Do you worry about her having a "surprise" pregnancy? Do you perhaps WANT her to have one? Do you try to get her pregnant sometimes, to increase her leverage over you? And lastly and most importantly . . . . do you love her? (She sounds totally lovable) thanks for sharing your relationship!!

  • So you basically cheated on your boyfriend you shlut

  • I suppose . . . . . too many like that for sure right?

  • Asking girls at random is not a good way to find someone who'll do the thing you say you want, but it WOULD BE a good way to get yourself arrested AND probably expelled from school (especially at a place like Penn State). Even if the criminal justice system couldn't manage to convict you of a s** crime, just the allegation itself from the girl might very well remain a part of your academic record (particularly if she were to call campus police) and adversely affect your eligibility to be admitted to grad school at PSU or elsewhere. Wise up, Chester, and cool your jets.

  • This is a self-solving problem. Let little Chester here get the intervention he needs, because he is obvs going to wash out of PSU. Whose d!ck did he suck to even get in in the first place? And does society REALLY need another incompetent but pervy white-collar worker?

  • O - - U - - C - - H - - ! ! ! !

  • Its not a good idea. Whoever does it isn't going to be someone you care about or who cares about you. That lack of attachment will drain much of the thrill from the act. Wait till you find someone you can love and who can love you. It may seem like fun and games right now but I promise you it'll end really badly. Reconsider.

  • Please don't do this. The risks don't justify the rewards. It would seem that all the risks are short term (pain) but they are not. She could cause irreversible damage. Please find another way to have a woman humiliate you.

  • You need to get her to s*** and p*** on you too. You want a b**** who'll go full throttle. And full f****** rampage. Get used to it because all that is what married life will be like. When they aren't busting your nuts they're dumping their insides on your face.LITERALLY. for example, my younger brother's wife p***** in his face and down his throat ON THEIR FIRST DATE. She's a piece of dirty gutter trash. But honest to God, every man loves her and wants to marry her. For example, I would leave my wife and kids for her if she ever gave me half a chance. I would love to knock her up.

  • Eeeeeeeeeeeewwww. Gross.

  • I'm pretty sure thats kind of common. He extreamly careful, you don't want to hurt yourself and possibly loose a t*******.

  • If it lowers his fertility, I say go to town on those little boys of his. Stupid people need to be stopped from breeding, we're too full up

  • Just pay a girl to do it, I have several girls I know that at a drop of a message will come over to my place, strip me naked and kick my b**** and d***. Once I'm on the floor in pain, they usually take whatever money I've left for them in my wallet.

    Once I forgot I had spent my cash, she went mental and hit me with my belt. I took her out for dinner the next day and f***** her ass. Crazy chick.

  • WOW!! She sounds spectacular! How long were you involved with her? Do you still see her? Still do her? She seems like someone a guy could be serious about

  • We never properly dated. We f***** a few times before I realised she is a bit mental, but then I got her to do the kinky s*** I like. And me to her. She is a complete utter s***, s** obsessed so just loves to f*** so wants it all the time. She likes the fact that I've dated several girls over the last 5 years but I would spend more time c****** in her than my girlfriends. She is also 5ft 1 but very dominant, we went away for a dirty weekend, never left the hotel room, she packed 3 strapon sand used them all on me, I think I f***** her about 10-15 times more than she f***** me though. All good fun.

  • That, my good man, is MARRIAGE MATERIAL! You are so so so lucky to have her in your life. Nothing's better than a short chick with a truly filthy mind who takes charge. Once upon a time, I dated a short brunette BBW who was very dominant. I fell in love with her, moved her in with me and asked her to marry me. Unfortunately she left after seven months and went back to her family. Don't make my mistake and let her get away. Put a ring on it!!!

  • Wow that's a shame she left you. I'm not sure this filth is marriage material, it's more fun this way plus she has a boyfriend. I bumped into her one night in bar, we f***** in an alley way and she sucked me off and we went back into the bar. 5 minutes later she was kissing her boyfriend whilst looking at me. She told me after she hadn't cleaned her mouth of my c**. Filth. I wouldn't want to be in her boyfriends position. Especially as she has taken me and 3 of my friends at the same time one night. She does a lot of orgys with and without me. She just can't get enough.

  • I just found this thread and enjoyed reading it all, but I thoroughly loved your description of her kissing her boyfriend with your hot c** still fresh in her mouth! It's true:::: she really is 100% trash! And thats part the reason every man loves that young girl. She dont understand the meaning of the word "no" or how to use it. And I agree with whoever said what a good wife she would be! So true! OMG! That's a real wife! OMMFG!!!

  • To my way of thinking, she is marriage material BECAUSE she actually Is such brilliant and radiant FILTH. Not many men ever manage to find such intense filth, much less make such a direct and intimate connection with it. It's rare to find filth like her. I think you should reassess your feelings, reevaluate the relationship and then do EVERYTHING IN YOUR POWER to resume, revive and renew it. Now is the time, before some other guy finds her and takes that filth for himself. (IT COULD EVEN BE ONE OF YOUR FRIENDS YOU SHARED HER FILTHY ASS WITH!) You have a better chance than ANYONE to take her off the market. Stop wasting time! Go get her! You know someone else f***** that incredible filth last night. Someone else is probably f****** it right now (it's probably her boss, with her bent over his desk). Someone else will be f****** that filth tonight. That filthy p**** and a*** belongs to you and somebody else is stealing it. You need to stop that!!!

  • Take baby steps. Start dating a girl, when you trust her and gain eachothers trust, tell her. I want a girl to push me around too.

  • Same bullshit over and over get a life

  • Yup. Stop it okay

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