Preteen S**

I was had just turned 12 years old when I got my first b****** from a man. A stranger. I also came for the first time with him. He also came in my mouth and told me to swallow. I did. I've never regretted it. I'm happily marriaged, but happily look back at my first time. I would love to meet a 11-12 year boy or girl to teach them the joy of s**.



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  • Very gross, extremely illegal and massively stupid thing to even think about. Stop writing such things, it is not desired.

  • I've never fantacised about kids. Sorry....thats gross. I too had a sexual experience young. I have to admit i liked it a lot. I think many people who have s** very young turn into pedofiles. You're probably attracted to it b/c you remember how good it was....I however, just like to pretend I'm 12 again & even nastier stuff is being done to me. I was in a big outdoor shower room at camp and an older boy (much opder...17 or 18) bent me over and f***** my ass. We would sneak off in the woods & I'd suck his d***. One day i snuck off to our spot and he was there with 2 old men getting f***** and sucking the other one. When they saw me, those 2 pedofiles lost intrest in the older boy and immediatly came over and made me suck their c****....the older boy f***** me while one of the men came in my mouth...the boy came up my butt, the the other man got behind me and pushed his d*** in me hard (his d*** was so fat I couldn't get my lips around it...he had a giant mushroom head tip) he had my hips and kept pulling me on it hard. I said it hurt and he just rammed me...the more i protested the harder he went. I grunted & gasped when he pushed it a little too far in. ......that turned him on so he pulled out, spread my cheeks, and with no warning slammed it up my butt as hard and deep as he could... hurt for real but i loosed up & it started to feel good. He kept asking me to tell him how old I was and kept asking me to tell him my age, and told me to say "f*** my 12yr old ass", "I'm a dirty little f** boy" and "I like for men to f*** me" and he came in my ass.

  • Wish I was him

  • I have just been charged with having indecent images of children on my devices. UK. I have lost everything. My wife my daughter my grandkids my job my house my self respect my life. I have no one as my family rejected me. I either face a life as an outcast or kill myself. So go ahead have your Pedro fantasies. Just keep them to yourself and in your own head.
    You have been warned.

  • Pedro lol

  • Of course you have lol πŸ™„

  • I must admit when I watched Cuties on Netflix and saw the 12 year old girls dancing, I thought they were totally sexy!! Especially Angelica ( the one with the glasses) I would totally rip her clothes off and f*u*c*k her!! She is so hot!!

  • That's very f***** up. I hope you don't in h*** with the other sickfucks. Joe biden would be proud of you as he sniffs your nasty ass

  • Never seen but I agree 12 would be a greatfuck

  • Thats pedophile you creep . And well deserved jail time and in some states you will be castrated .

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