Caught having s** with our pastor

I don’t know how else to say it but I got caught doing the nasty with our new pastor. He Is in his early 30s and his young bride in her late 20s. My hubby and I are in our late 40s.

His wife and I were in a bible study together and she shared that they had been trying to get pregnant for years and were looking into artificial means of getting pregnant but it was too expensive. We continued to talk about it and I told her I would pray for her and couldn’t imagine what they we’re going through as my hubby was always sooo fertile that after 4 kids I had to get my tubes tied. She started asking questions about Jim and came over often to swim when he was around. She asked how we met and what positions we used to get pregnant. She is petite and very cute. My hubby always liked watching her.

So one time last year I suggested to her that she could have s** with Jim if she it was ok with her hubby and they could try that before spending all that money. The very next day she came over and her and Jim had a roll in the hay. She was a screamer and a moaner. I think she had a hard time taking his 8 inch c***. Well she ended up pregnant and had a beautiful baby boy and we are the godparents.

A few months back before CoViD she came to our house with Jimmy and pastor was going to join us for lunch. I was holding Jimmy and enjoying having a baby in my arms. Then I heard the screams and moans again. She was riding Jim and squeezing breast milk into his face. He loved when I did that years ago. I was jealous.

I stormed out of the room. She kept riding and I was about to cry, but then Pastor arrived. He saw me about to cry took Jimmy in his arms and we went to the den. You could hear his bride moaning loudly. He said “what is that?!” I said your wife is with my husband. He turned white with fear. “ oh my. That’s why she wanted to name him James. Did you know this?” I lied and said no.

He then sat the baby in the carrier and gave me a kiss and said that I did not deserve to have to go through that. One thing led to another and I ended up on my knees sucking him off. His p**** was rather small so I was able to take it all in. Then I went on all fours and he f***** me up the ass and came inside my ass just as his wife and Jim walked out of the bedroom.

We vowed to not let that happen again, but I have to admit I’ve been doing a lot of volunteering at the church during CoViD and I love that little d*** up my ass. Oh and the pastors wife is pregnant again.

Aug 31, 2020

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  • That story is so sexy,

  • Thanks! Been “volunteering” at the church a lot since the post. Pastor said he knows that my husband is his son’s father and that his wife is pregnant by him again. He said that his wife always wanted to be a mother and he couldn’t make it happen.

    He also said he loves the way I make him feel when we are are together. He loves how I suck his c*** and he loves c****** in my ass. I told him I never have had another c*** in my ass and that my ass is all his.

    He f**** me in the ass several times a week!

  • God bless the pastor's wife. Ameen...

  • Yes she is blessed. She has a beautiful son and now is expecting a little girl (both thanks to my hubby). She also has a loving husband with the perfect d*** for sucking. My husbands c*** is too long to enjoy orally. I like to have the entire c*** in my mouth.

    The problem is now I find myself fantasizing about sucking it and having it up my ass. I want an ass f****** sooo bad but my hubby is too big. I want to enjoy it not be in pain.

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