Sort of Incest?

I was digging around in my attic a few months ago and found a box of old pictures from the 30's. I saw a picture of this girl in a bathing suit that was so hot. I turned the picture around and saw that it was my great grand mother when she was around my age (I'm, 19). She died 6 years before I was born and would be well into her 100's if she was alive now.

I mean, I never met the woman, and wft was I doing back before anyone ever heard of Adolf Hitler.

Note: Her father was a powerful mobster that was assassinated by a rival mob in the 20's.

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  • When someone is attractive they are attractive, family or not.

  • FuckYOU lady b**** god you are pathetic

  • I'm 19, wtf was I doing 36 years before black people could vote? I never even met the woman.

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