Lost memory card and honeymoon couple's s**

On an official trip to another State, I found a lost memory card and came upon some young honeymoon couple's candid s** videos in it, s** in bed, bathroom and in all possible ways, closeups and b*******, all naughty things recorded. Had a good time viewing and enjoying such a good homemade amateur s** videos.

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  • That’s pretty hot. About four years ago I found a thumb drive in the parking lot at our local grocery store. Kind of forgot about it in my vehicle until I found it cleaning one day. Curiosity got the best of me and I checked it out.

    Lots of work documents and stuff, but I dug deeper and found some pretty graphic pics in one of the folders. The wife was probably only a five or six on the standard 1-10 scale, but it was still a turn-on. We live in a pretty small community where a lot of people know each other, but I’ve yet to see this couple around.

  • Yes as probably the oldest poster on this site, I would appreciate seeing those pics and videos marc.worth@aol.com

  • Damn Marc, still got an AOL account!? Does that even exist anymore?

  • I would love to see them share them to my email if you would, mewantsex@gmail.com

  • If you wouldn’t mind and can, feel free to share it at my email, Dldowns20@gmail.com

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