Lost memory card and honeymoon couple's s**

On an official trip to another State, I found a lost memory card and came upon some young honeymoon couple's candid s** videos in it, s** in bed, bathroom and in all possible ways, closeups and b*******, all naughty things recorded. Had a good time viewing and enjoying such a good homemade amateur s** videos.

Sep 1, 2020

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  • The other day one of my colleague came to my cabin with a pen drive demanding to provide him the soft copies of certain official documents. Since I was too busy with some urgent work, I told him after the completion of my work the documents shall be copied and told to leave the pen drive with me. He left leaving the pen drive with me and after completion of my work, I copied the requisite documents to his pen drive. Just while checking the copied status, I saw a folder under the name PERSONAL. Just checked to see clear photos of his nude wife. Her features were clear as the resolution was of standard quality with sufficient light. Copied it to my computer and later to my phone and still masturbating on her nude photos.

  • That is just my greatest fantasy to find pics on my sons phone of his very extreme wife but so far no luck. What is wrong with this 40 something kids, they don’t take pics of their wives?

  • See at

  • That’s pretty hot. About four years ago I found a thumb drive in the parking lot at our local grocery store. Kind of forgot about it in my vehicle until I found it cleaning one day. Curiosity got the best of me and I checked it out.

    Lots of work documents and stuff, but I dug deeper and found some pretty graphic pics in one of the folders. The wife was probably only a five or six on the standard 1-10 scale, but it was still a turn-on. We live in a pretty small community where a lot of people know each other, but I’ve yet to see this couple around.

  • Yes as probably the oldest poster on this site, I would appreciate seeing those pics and videos marc.worth@aol.com

  • Damn Marc, still got an AOL account!? Does that even exist anymore?

  • Also had to delete the account did not want to be found out by wife

  • Remember aol was one of the early sites that you could join which tells you how old I am but I do have a Gmail account that I use when I am not at this sight. I sure do love the stories even if not all of them really happened

  • I would love to see them share them to my email if you would, mewantsex@gmail.com

  • If you wouldn’t mind and can, feel free to share it at my email, Dldowns20@gmail.com

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