Brother is a d***

I (34) hate my younger brother (28). He’s the biggest douchebag on the planet and nobody cares at all but me.
He’s been crashing in my spare from for four months because of job issues. He has five different girls who will come over literally anytime he calls. Every night one of them is here. They don’t even care that he has other girls. It’s been like this for him since he was in high school.
Meanwhile I get to listen to his wild hookups through the wall every night. He knows that I struggle meeting girls, yet never once has he offered to help me out. The only time a few years ago That we actually met two gorgeous girls who were into us, they all just ended up ditching me at the end of the night for a threesome.
It’s not right that his life gets to be a never ending feast of s** with smoking hot babes while I’m six years away from being the real life 40 year old virgin.
It’s not fair and I genuinely hate him and am considering kicking him out. Let’s see how many sexy babes want him when he’s living out of his car haha.

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  • "since he was in high school"? He is STILL in high school. I hate to seem cruel, but I fear you are enabling ---at least in degree---his (shall we say?) "prolonged adolescence", by paying the freight for him. I think that, if you can't bring yourself to show him the door, you must require that he work enough to at least help you with the common living expenses. That would not be unreasonable. I'm sorry you are be in taken advantage of by your family member. I know that is hurtful and awkward. He needs help, and the help he needs is to starting helping you with expenses.

  • Jealousy and Envy are two mortal sins, my friend. ;-)

  • Lol jealous much?

  • Don't hate your brother. Instead focus on reason why you can't get girls. Learn from you brother but don't try to copy him. Why can't you get a girlfriend. If being a virgin is getting in the way go pay to get laid. Then you might calm down and find a woman to be your girlfriend. Best of luck.

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