Second s**

Part - 1:

I never told anyone I was not a virgin anymore.

A few months later, I was at home for vacation. I was again in the mood for s**.

Luckily, my family had to go for a marriage function for three days. I decided to stay back home.

After my family had left, I looked up s**** online. I was surprised to find the same girl I had banged earlier! I fixed her appointment at my home.

I knew when she would arrive. So, I deliberately kept the front door partially open. As soon as she entered, I pounced on her from behind the door and dragged her to my bedroom and locked the door. It was only then that she saw my face.

I asked her lustily, “Recognize me”
She said, “The same boy who is very attached to his underwear.”

I removed my T-shirt and vest and said, “yeah!” before I began kissing her. But she was a firebrand this time. She knew exactly the kind of s** I liked. She pushed me on the bed and removed her T-shirt and jeans. She was now in her bra and panties. What she did not know was that I had hidden my phone at a convenient place to record the whole thing.

Meanwhile, my jeans were still on. She tied my hands and my feet to my bed, and came on top of me. She took off my jeans with her teeth. I was in a green Jockey underwear and navy blue socks this time. She said, “Ye vo chaddi nahi jo tumne us din pehni thi. Mujhe yaad hai, kyuki us din tumhara lund tumhari chaddi mein naach raha tha aur tum chaddi utarne mein hichkicha rahe thay. Vo chaddi black thi. Chaddi nahi tumhare lund ka pinjra hai ye. Lekin ye chaddi bahut sexy chaddi hai.” (This isn't the underwear you wore last. I remember, because your d*** was dancing in your underwear and you were hesitant to remove your underwear. It was a black underwear. It's not an underwear but a cage for your d***. But this underwear is sexy, too).

She repeatedly used the word, “chaddi” (Hindi for underwear) because she knew that it excites me.

She decided to tease me and increase my l***. She lowered my underwear somewhat, slipped a condom on my d*** and again covered it with my underwear. She started moving her hand on my underwear, hardening my d***. Then, moved her fingers on the letters J-O-C-K-E-Y printed on the band of my underwear. I was very h**** now and was struggling to get out of the cuffs. She did not spare me. She did not remove my underwear to free that lusty power-packed devil inside. It was becoming uncontrollably hard. She began kissing my lips. I, too, kissed with all my ability, because I love kissing a hot girl on her lips. While I kissed, a very visible tent had been formed in my underwear. The hardness was now getting painful, as my d*** kept dancing in my underwear, but I ignored it as much as possible and continued to kiss. She was on top and I below, but I think my kiss had more passion.

Then she tried something new. She rested her head on my underwear, pressing my d***. She giggled as she felt my d***, trapped in my underwear and pressed by her head, try to dance and put pressure on her head. Then she got up and came on top of me.

For ten minutes, she built up l*** inside me by stimulating my d*** by lightly touching its tip and lightly pressing my testicles through my underwear, and not letting the hard d*** come out of my underwear. First, I was a little scared, because I recalled our first encounter. I had banged her once more a few minutes after my first ever s**. She had tried to escape, but I was firm. When I was dressing up again on that day, she was completely naked. I was so heartless that I had left without bothering to dress her up, because I had thought someone else would be banging her anyway. I was scared that she might want to avenge that by applying too much pressure to my testicles, which would hurt a lot.

Strangely, I was still hard, and the tent in my underwear remained. And she applied very light pressure to my testicles from over my underwear to stimulate me. She just was not freeing my d*** from my underwear. I uttered in anger, “Let me go, s***! Then I'll show you.” She uttered in a seductive voice, “Not right now. You love your underwear, don't you? Keep it on. I have to torture you more.”

She did not keep her hands only around my underwear. Except for my underwear and socks, I was bare bodied, and she ran her fingers lightly over my waist, my stomach and my navel button. She intended to torture me to the fullest.

She also ran the tip of her nose on both my legs and then on my underwear.

She then ran her fingers over my underwear very lightly. I was becoming crazier and crazier with l***. Had I not been handcuffed, I would have either banged her real bad or fapped by humping my bed.

She then moved her hand over my underwear as she kissed me. That and my increased l*** made me breathe heavily as I kissed her. This was my weakness; she could torture my d*** to the fullest, but if she simultaneously began kissing my lips, I would kiss, too. There was something about kissing on lips that I loved and enjoyed, which made me ignore the pain because of the very hard b****, and kiss madly instead.

After a long time, she uncuffed my hands. I grabbed her waist, pulled her down and kissed uncontrollably. My legs were still cuffed, but I managed to roll over and be on top of her. While kissing, I applied full strength and freed my legs. I did not stop. I yanked her panties so hard that it was torn badly. I managed to slide my underwear down a little.

I had become too hard to bear it anymore, so I did not even wait to remove my underwear completely, and lowered it only till my knees. I entered her and banged her with full speed. I pressed her mangoes from above her bra with extreme passion as I banged. Both of us were moaning very passionately and the bed was creaking very loudly.

Both of us exploded in some time, and I collapsed upon her. I removed my condom and wore my underwear. But I did not let her go. I told her to stay until next morning. I remained only in my underwear the remaining day and told her to remain dressed only in her bra and skirt. Her panty was out of question; it was torn.

I lay on the sofa in the living room. I switched on a blue film and called her near me. We kissed for hours. She moved her hands on my underwear. I had told her to strictly not remove it. I ran my hands on her body and inner thighs. Then she pulled up her skirt and lay on top of me in such a way that her warm, wet core touched my underwear. She began rubbing. Her rubbing caused me to shoot in my underwear. She, too, came and her juices soaked my underwear.

We did not eat much and I brought her back to my bedroom to sleep. I slept without bothering to remove my soaked underwear, and she slept in her bra and skirt.

A few hours later, late into the night, I woke up to find myself very hard. My underwear had dried quite a lot but was stuck to my d***. The stiffness did not let me sleep. I had only one way.

I saw her asleep. I did not care a damn; I just lowered my underwear, entered her and began banging. She awoke as soon as I entered, to find me shamelessly banging her and moaning. She did not try to stop me.

As I came, I felt extremely weak and tired. I wore my underwear and collapsed into a deep sleep.

The next morning, when I paid her and told her to leave, she said, "You tore my panties. Please give me one of your underwear."

I said, "You tortured me yesterday. Now it's your turn. No underwear for you. Bye." I paid her extra so that she could take the used condom with her.

When I watch the whole session I recorded, I feel very hard when I notice the very visible tent formed in my underwear, and when I see her moving her hand on my underwear as we kissed.

Sep 2, 2020

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