My mother seduce me for my eight inch thick uncut c***

Im Chris im twenty two years old im six ft weigh one hundred fifty five thirty two thirty three waist fourty inch rock hard chest and wash board six pack abs mildly hairy my c*** eight inches long thick uncut

My brother built the same as me including same size c***

I lost my dad three years old and my mother has been acting weird lately

My mother is pretty cool is lets my brother Jim and me smoke pot it's legal in Colorado

We were raised in a pretty liberal family we have a swimming pool in our backyard and when we were kids we would run around the pool naked

One really hot humid afternoon I was laying out nude sunbathing when my mother joined me

My mother been drinking for most of the day and she pulled out a joint and lite it took a drag and passed it to me

We both finished the joint and we were flying higher then a kite

I was laying out and I looked and seen my mother masterbating herself and rubbing her breast

As im watching her i started getting hard my mother just looking into my eyes.

I started masterbating with her and within a few minutes I was so freaking h****

My mother stood up and walked to me dropped to her knees and started sucking my c***

I was telling myself this is wrong and the more she sucked the more I enjoy it

My mother stopped and said f*** me with that thick uncut monster c*** of yours

My mother laid down spread her legs and I got on top of her and started sliding my c*** in her tight wet p****

I started f****** her she started moaning and I started f****** her brains out until she started screaming im cummming

I told her I had to c** also I started to pull my c*** out when she stopped me and said fill me with your seed I couldn't hold it in and blow my load of seed deep into my mother's p****

I noticed my brother naked masterbating himself

I stood up my brother walked over to my mother got on top of her and started f****** her brains out until she started screaming im cummming

My brother pulled his c*** out and shoot his load of seed on her breast and face.

Later that evening my brother mother and me in bed f****** I was f****** my mother my brother was f****** me and when climaxing my brother and me shot our load of seed all over my mother she was c** soaked face

A month ago we all got drunk and stoned and f***** our brains out

Well that's my confession of family incent


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