I f***** my drunken son

My name is Lisa I'm fourty two years old I have two sons Scott twenty two years old and Don twenty one and lives at home.

Don is six one weigh one hundred seventh three thirty two thirty three waist fourty inch rock hard chest and wash board six pack abs mildly hairy and his c*** is thick uncut and nine inches long

It was late i was in bed sleeping when Don walked in drunk so I got up grabbed Don and laid him down on the love seat legs sticking straight out.

I went back to bed after a few minutes i hear Don softly moaning so I looked to see what was going on

Don had his pants down to his ankle his eyes closed and masterbating

I couldn't stop watching after a few I started getting h**** and started fingering my p**** just starting at his c***

I became soaking wet and I couldn't take any more

I got up to Don and trying to get my hands on his c*** i finally got it Don stopped masterbating i len over and put his c*** in my mouth and started sucking his c*** I chocked and gagged ( out of practice my late husband had the same c*** ) until I got the hang of it again and suck his c*** for a few minutes and stopped

His c*** was hard as a rock i stood up backed up and set on his c*** i started bouncing up and down

Don was c****** around and started f****** me we f***** your brains out moaning the hole time until I started screaming im cummming ( little did I know Don was going to c** also ) i could feel his c*** was going to blow and we c** at the same time

I got off got myself together and went back to bed.

The next morning I was making breakfast when Don walked in

Ruff night Don replied it was weird I was dreaming that I was f****** you please tell me it was a dream

Don it had to be because I wouldn't let you f*** me

Don eat his breakfast and left for work

Well that's my confession and my son doesn't enough know a thing

Sep 4, 2020

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  • Fake storry. , probably by a foreign non english country person .

  • You dirty s*** ;)

  • Keep enjoying him.

  • You are a dumb b*tch, you can't spell and your grammar is up the s***.

  • Never again only that time

  • Has it happened again? I had a similar incident except it was my stepson after his dad my husband passed away.

  • No only that one time

  • Would you do another man of your son’s age

  • If he look hot like my boys i let him f*** me sure it's call cougar

  • I may not have the exact sequence of your sons gene to look like them but willing

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