I just f***** my Kindergarten Teacher

Your not going to believe this. Our next door neighbors are teachers. They had a party last weekend. We have a gate between our back yards so my man and dad allowed them to open it and for them to use our pool along with giving them more room so social distancing could be practiced.

I’m 19 and attending the local community college with CoViD my parents and I decided it would be best to stay home till there was a vaccine rather than going back to University and living in the dorm.

Anyways, the party was kinda crazy. Lots of drinking and later at night it got a bit wild. Didn’t know teachers could be so crazy. It was about midnight and my parents went off to bed but our neighbors and a few of the guest stayed behind to help clean up. I had been watching this one teacher most of the evening she was the only one in a thong. She was a bit older but had a nice ass. I saw her cleaning up a table so I went over to help. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was Mrs. Spears. I could never forget that bright red hair and her beautiful green eyes. I remember pretending to cry in kindergarten so she would hug me and I could bury my face in her b******.

She didn’t recognize me at first but then we sat to talk. She couldn’t believe how I had grown into “such a handsome man”. She said, “ you were always so handsome. I loved giving you hugs. Can I hug you again for old times sake”. She stood up and gave me a hug and her swimsuit top fell down exposing her very large b******. She hugged me started to pull away but I hugged her close and began to suck on her nipples. She said, “oh my! You have grown up.” I then stood up and bent over to kiss her forehead. (I’m 6”2’ and she is like 5” even. I used to think she was tall but Mrs Spears is tiny). She looked up at me and said, “ wow you are so tall (and she reached for my crotch) and you are sooo big and hard”. Mrs. Spears then pulled down my swim suit and sucked me off right there in my parent’s back yard. She then ran into the pool. I jumped in and caught her. Pulled off her thong and we f***** in the pool. I saw our neighbors walking though the gate. But I didn’t tell Mrs Spears. She was such an good f***. I didn’t want her to stop.

I came inside her p**** twice and she had multiple o******. Afterward she told me her husband died a couple years ago and she had not ever been with another man. She said she was 49 and that she was so embarrassed that she through herself at a former student. I told her, “ we are both adults. I’m 19. I have been watching you all night. I even went inside and jacked-off while watching you by the pool earlier. I wanted to f*** you tonight from the moment I saw you.” I also told her, “ I didn’t know who you where but I wanted to get to know you that is why I came over to the table to help clean up, but then I recognized you as Mrs Spears. My kindergarten teacher. My first crush and the first woman to make my little wiener hard”. She replied, “ well now. I would not call that little. Wow. I would say that is a big boy. A big boy that I enjoyed c****** inside me and a big boy I would like to have inside me more often”

So tomorrow I am supposed to go over to her house and “then go to the school to help her get her class room ready”. But we all know what’s going to happen. I hope she lets me eat her p****. She has a beautiful red bush. I want to lick it till she o****** then I want to fill her with c**. After her p**** is dripping c** I want to lick it again.

Sep 5, 2020

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  • This is the second story with very similar details in as many days. Maybe you really are 19 and going to college locally this year because of Covid, maybe you aren't. But you ARE full of $hit.

  • It’s true!

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