Incubus s** for wife

As a result of having a tiny non functioning micro p**** I have for the last 3 years been using very realistic vixskin Creations and copies of pornstar c**** to satisfy my wifes deep penetration desires of having g spot and a&o spot o******. She truly is addicted to these type of o's and loves me roleplaying these men s******* her using them in a harness. She says she loves these big c**** and it turns her on when I roleplay other men f****** her and when I tell her I want to watch other big cocked men f*** her she tells me how she would love that but when it comes to really do this she's hesitant. I would love to invite a sexual spirit ie. a male Incubi to seduce my wife to feel free to explore her sexual horizons and know im comfortable with doing this. I want her to experience a real flesh p**** that would copulate her and fill her with his seed to get her pregnant. So any sexual spirits out there, or Witches, warlocks, or Satanic practioners please help us achieve the above. I would rather watch men f*** her than her going behind my back to get her needs met.


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  • She doesnt need a spirit or another guy. You can role play and buy a c*** attachment. Female minds are stimulated by the mind. Less then the body. Micro p**** or not.

  • Where are you guys? Always eager to help out and happy for you to watch or join in.

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