Sexy Wife progression

We got married young in our 20's in love happy and together for everything. I got a job offer and moved about 5hrs away from Her family, Wife didn't know anyone except my family and a few friends we met. My wife was gorgeous confident and sexy. She had a baby was was happy lost the weight, and decided to get a job. As the youngest of the wives and girlfriends She was hanging out with, She enjoyed Her nights out with the Girls. She joined a Woman's Softball League, I got to meet a bunch of Wives and their Husbands, it was pretty normal stuff. Back in those days, everything was a lot simpler, Muscle cars, Harleys, dancing and and relaxing an enjoying life without all the stress. Women wore skirts, short mini skirts, and my Wife has gorgeous legs thighs ands small sexy feet and a great ass. She wasn't uptight about wearing revealing attire that showed off Her body or b****** or anything for that matter! So, for her going out with her friends wearing such revealing clothes it wasn't a big deal to me. Yeah my Wife is a hot woman but I don't mind and I trust her. A few months later my Wife tells me about 2 guys She and my Aunt met out on Ladies night. My Aunt is about 10 yrs older than my wife and is about 9yrs younger than my Uncle. So these Guys knew my Aunt from her work, and they're were attracted to both women. So these guys partnered up, Fred with JoJo, and Carl with my wife. I guess they were meeting these 2 guys regularly, and my Wife was telling me Carl was always touching her and kissing her side of the face and wanting her sitting on his lap. My wife asked me how should She handle it. I said, You can handle this can't You? How does He make you feel? She said he's very nice polite and very attracted to her. He's offered to take her anywhere She wanted to go. She also said He makes her good. I said ok, babe you're a grown ass beautiful woman who's very sexy and desirable, You got you're own money, own your car and if your safe and comfortable, you set your own boundaries. If there's a problem I'll get involved. So She had affair with Carl that last a few months. She was honest but it wasn't more that a sexual experience. Her sexual drive opened up between us more , and She confessed her experience made her open to another encounter. My job sometimes took me out of town over night. sometimes my wife would meet me at my Hotel. It was by chance on such a trip we were looking at a Corvette I was considering. It was a 66 Coupe 4spd, we both loved it and after talking it over, decided after lunch to buy it. The Owner was a Insurance Agent/Broker, who was a widower about 10 yrs older than myself, and black. We called him, and made our offer, and He accepted, and drove the Vette over to our Hotel, where we gave him a deposit. After he, Brian provided us with some documents, we decided to go have a few drinks together in the Lounge downstairs. Both Brian and I in slacks and dress shirts, my Wife in a backless dress cut to above her knees, and sexy strap heels. On to the elevator, my wife's b****** were protruding through the thin material and at certain angles her erect nipples were plainly visible. We picked a spot by the edge of the Bar, Brian held the highback bar chair for her, and sat to her left, and I to her right with Her in the middle. I ordered us a round, and we chatted about the Car and about each other. My Wife always crosses her legs, right over left, and her thighs are so enticing, because they offer a glint of that sweet V spot, that you can't help starring at which really gets you sexually aroused. Brian shows my Wife some GM brochures of the car, and I notice my girl leaning against his arm/shoulder which was rubbing against her left breast, and his right hand was against her left thigh. I knew She was getting turned on and He was definitely responding. I said, hey Brian She didn't drive the Car would you mind letting her drive it? She can drive a 4spd np problem! He said to her, would you like to drive it now, she said sure. So he helped her, as he held the back of the her chair, and she stood up right against him so innocently. So I told the bartender to watch our seats as we walked to the front where the car was parked. Brian opened the door for her, she sat in with the dress rising up almost to her waist, she pushed a fold of the dress into her crotch area but when she placed her feet on the pedals, the fold opened to expose a open view of black panties. Brian adjusted the seat for her, went around to the other side and held the door for me, I said, oh no, You go with her, He said, you want me to go...I said yup! And off they went, I went back inside and waited. About 25 minutes later they came back in laughing and talking, Brian had his arm around her, and we had a great time together with my Wife openly flirting the whole nite with both of us. Later on before He left we told Brian we'd be picking the car the following weekend, he said great I'll have it ready for you, and we shook hands and he hugged my wife and kissed her cheek and left. My wife later on said She was turned on by Brian, he made her very h****, and she could feels herself getting turned on. She said when they got back and she parked the car, he opened the door for her, and she stepped out and threw her arms around him and thanked him and gave him a big wet open mouth kiss, and he grabbed her butt and squeezed her against his throbbing C-ck for what seemed like 2 minutes. My wife _ussy was so hot that nite She was awesome. The following weekend we drove back to get the Car, I told my Wife she'll be driving it back and to wear something sexy. I had called Brian earlier in the week, and said I have to get back to a meeting on the Day we planned to get the car and I'll be busy untill late in the evening, and that my wife is going to drive it back, and if its ok if I arrive a little earlier and drop off my Wife. He said no problem, I can drop Her off at his office. I said great! So off we went to get our car, I didn't tell my Wife anything, I didn't want her to know, I wanted Her to be totally unaware. She looked amazing, black short skirt, shimmering sheer black stockings, black high heels red button up blouse, what a hot ass woman She is. I got to his Office, He's wearing a Suit & Tie, He looks at my Wife and She gives him the same look. I ask him if everything is ready, and he says yes, and He asks her, what about you, are you ready, she says I think so...I'm thinking, oh Baby , you have no idea! I said, well ok, I've gotta go, I've got to get back to this meeting in a little while, have fun and be careful, gave her a kiss and said good bye, as She sat down in a leather loveseat in his office, and He walked me to the door. I said We didn't have time to stop and get a bite, so if you can ask her later,and take good care of Her, and He said he would. I went back and waited for Her to show up later on in the evening. I heard the Car pull in the driveway on the side. She came in the backside door. She walked into the Lv room where I was, and sat down with her legs to her side. Her blouse was partly open, She wasn't wearing any stockings. She said She had an amazing great evening, and said Her and Brian F--ked for hours, he filled her _ussy and was amazing. He told her he hasn't had s** in almost 8 months, and never with such a beautiful white lady before. She said he was gentle but She wanted him to be aggressive, and He had Her moaning and begging for it, and she loved every minute of it. She said he is a total gentleman and is very clean and discreet. She said she wants to invite Him over in the coming weeks when the weather warms up so we can ride our Harleys together, and She wants to seduce him and _uck him in front of me, and if I don't mind and what are my thoughts on that...I'm thinking damn baby I think that's crazy but maybe its ok. Exploring our sexual exploits is good, for us, maybe not everyone. She didn't get uptight when we met this Chick riding her Roadking, and we all hung out at a Pool sucking on her b******, as I played with both of them, so we'll see, thought I share some of out times together. For us its all good, careful considerations and protection a must! have fun keep posting, love the stories we read and like to share ours.

Sep 7, 2020

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